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Women In Technology: Challenges and Opportunities

Women in Engineering field is a sure sign of women empowerment. However, there are some perks and challenges associated with the field. There are very few women working in the tech role as compared to general roles. Moreover, women need to work on certain aspects to get successful in the field.

Others Iliana Quinonez Director Solutions Engineering

Women in engineering surely present a strong picture of women empowerment in today’s world. However, though there are perks associated with the job, there are bound to be some challenges as well. Foremost, when you think of being a woman in the technology field, you feel as if you are a part of a very small group. Well, this is a well-established fact because the ratio of women working in the technical departments of firms is pretty much low as compared to women working in general departments. In fact, the percentage of women taking high positions in the technical departments of firms is only 10%. Now, experts are working on solving this problem.

Moreover, another reason that there are few women in the technological field is the problem with the candidate pipeline. Now, some people or recruiters say that there are not many women to select from. Well, this is one aspect that the experts and recruiters are trying to change from an educational point. Thu, the educational system needs to push for really strong and effective stem programs for having the initiatives to bring in more and more women into the Math and Science field. Now, this initiative needs to start at the elementary school or High School to get more women in this field.

Also, it is hard for women to survive in the male-dominated industry. However, support networks can assist women in getting through this difficult situation. It is necessary for women in engineering to have people who support them around them. Moreover, when you want to reach a higher position in the tech field, you need to work on your competency. You need to be really good at what you are doing. However, it is fine not to know everything about the job but you need to feel confident about yourself. Lack of confidence or self-imposed restrictions can pose problems for women in the engineering field.

Also, women need to work on their network of support which can help them sail through the life-work balance. Also, women need to work on their body language to get successful in the field. Finally, it is imperative for women in engineering to look for a perfect coach who can help them do better in their field.

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