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Thinking Of Career as Marketing Operation Manager ? Read This !

Marketing Operations Manager job profile has its own share of roles, responsibilities and challenges. However, it also teaches
you to wear multiple hats at the same time and evaluate on time efficient ways of completing and managing all the projects while delivering them on time.

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Marketing Operations Manager is definitely an alluring and esteemed job profile in any organization. The field teaches you not only to perform well under pressure but even learn to juggle between different tasks. In fact, being a Marketing Operations Manager, you are expected to wear many hats at the same time giving your 100%. Moreover, while working on the said job profile, you also learn the skills of building time efficient and cost-efficient ways of managing all projects and delivering them on time.


What is the Marketing Operations Manager Role?

Marketing Operations Manager is responsible for increasing the performance of marketing functions through measurement, planning, technology, and data management. Moreover, it can be seen as a link to bridge all kinds of different core marketing functions and processes together. Moreover, through Marketing Operations, it is aimed to make all the marketing investments traceable and to increase the visibility of revenues being generated through marketing.


What is the most fun part of the profile?

As per experts, the most fun part of the Marketing Operations Manager’s job profile is to make an impact on the organization they are working with. The job profile is perfect for people who are curious, who like to dive into the data, and who are not afraid to seek answers to questions like why not. Thus, the job becomes fun for people who like to make use of their knowledge to make an impact on the revenue being generated or enhance the performance of marketing tools for the company. Moreover, with the right tools, you can always find the right person to talk to when you are trying to sell a particular product to a firm.


Three Challenges Associated With Marketing Operations Management

  • Imperfect Technology  
    It is a well-established fact that technology is never perfect and this explains the presence of so many troubleshooting documents. Thus, one major challenge is to have a mindset to be able to jump to the cases you need to troubleshoot. Moreover, you need to dive deeper into the trouble to confirm if you can yourself troubleshoot the problem or you need the assistance of a technology vendor.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Sales
    This is an interesting problem as you realize that both the departments do not talk on the same terms. However, being the Marketing Operations Manager, you are supposed to align both the teams and come to a conclusive way of working between both of the teams and this requires really good and impressive communication skills.
  • Data
    The third challenge is data as one of the major roles of the Marketing Operations Manager is to create reports. However, the problem is that you cannot have a reliable report without reliable data. The challenge is, therefore, to capture all the data available and maintain it’s accuracy as well.


How To Break Into a Marketing Operations Manager Role?

There are certain rules to break into the role of a Marketing Operations Manager role. Foremost, you need to be vigilant about the technology being used. You need to ask questions about the technology being used for marketing by the firm and also try to get training about the usage of the technology. Moreover, you also need to get information on what was the purpose of the tools being used for marketing and how to use them.

Secondly, you need to understand the data structure because you need to know what could be gathered and what would actually help you to do your job well and what obstacles you can meet during the process.


Three Tips To Make Your Resume Stand Out

  • Amplify the skills
    Through your resume for the Marketing Operations Manager job profile, you need to emphasize on the fact that you possess the knowledge of the marketing tools and what they do and how they work. You need to show that you know well about the business and you know what you are going to manage.
  • Show off Your Curiosity
    You also need to emphasize on the fact that you have the curiosity to work on the how-to details and you are really interested in diving deeper into data and solving problems.
  • Mention your specifications
    It is imperative to mention any specifications you have. However, it would be great if you can mention these specifications with real examples.


What are the three common questions being asked in a Marketing Operations Manager interview?

The interview process for the said job profile though may include many types of interview questions but there are three common questions that are usually asked in every interview. These are:

  • How did you solve a very difficult or complex situation in your past experience?

    The answer to this question will give an insight into the logistics that you put in for solving a difficult situation pertaining to marketing in the past.  

  • Give examples of how you work with other teams to get a project delivered on time

    The answer to this question will give an idea about your communication skills to the interviewer.

  • How good are your skills in ‘Excel’?

    The answer to this question will tell about your proficiency and comfort level in using ‘Excel’ as it is used for many purposes in marketing.

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