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Know About Role Of A Marketing Operations Manager | Fun And Challenges Faced In The Job From Eunice Leung

Eunice Leung is the Marketing Operations Manager at Oracle Data Cloud. A self-taught person she has managed to grow from strength to strength and is a much sought after and go to expert in her field today. The primary role of a Marketing Operations Manager is to measure, plan and manage the Marketing Operations of the Company. Technology, data and making an impact are some of the fun as well as challenging aspects of an Operations Manager job description.

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With an experience of over 10 years, Eunice Leung is the current Marketing Operations Manager at Oracle Data Cloud. She has experience in both start-ups and big corporations. She graduated from the University of New York and has majored in Advertising and Communication. Armed with this prestigious degree, she worked upon acquiring knowledge in marketing, operations, automation tools and how best to multi-task and work under pressure. She has worked with big names and start-ups alike and picked up training, administrative, customer skills, etc. Self-taught she learnt by trial and error, how to manage and deliver targets, in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Her stint at CGS as Marketing Operations team leader included multifarious activities and polished her managerial skills, technical and marketing knowledge and helped her develop the insight to take action based on reports and stay on top of the game. At Oracle, her responsibilities include managing the new business, increase revenue through demand generation.


Marketing Operations Manager Role

A Marketing Operations Manager is responsible for the able performance of the marketing function through measurement, planning and other technical and data management efforts.

A Marketing Operations Manager is the key person to bring all marketing functions and processes together. The aim of this is to be able to track poor marketing investments, increase visibility and to generate revenue. Processes are built and improved on to make it easy for marketers to reach the end customer.


Traditionalist Vs New Age Marketing

  • Before the digital age and social media presence, the role of a Marketing Operations Manager was a very traditional one. The marketing department is an expense department. A Company could pump in millions of dollars on print advertisements and television commercials and still have nothing concrete, or tangible evidence that it was generating traffic, leads and sales.
  • In the current digital age, it is easily possible to track consumer appetite and movement. Right from the moment the consumer forms the thought in his mind and begins to search and research online, he can be tracked. When he clicks on your website, checks out products and prices, makes comparisons with your competitors and checks reviews, the manager knows he has a potential sale. He can then swiftly act upon that and pass it on to the relevant teams and bag the customer.
  • The need to produce and put out high-quality content and articles, educational product descriptions, etc is much greater now. Consistency and optimal timing is the need of the hour today. The most basic role of an operations manager is to have a love and comfort around technology and to be curious and amenable to explore and adopt new technology. Bring and link every tool and technology and to make and create a repeatable and profitable process for the Company.


Fun Part of a Marketing Operations Manager Job

This job has many fun aspects to it within its very nature. If you are passionate about your job as Operations Manager, you will enjoy

  1. Making an impact on Company working and revenue generation.
  2. Being able to dive into data and minute details.
  3. Explore and investigate every single detail and technology.
  4. Ability to bring about a change in the system based on data and technology available to you.
  5. Power to build processes and systems to increase revenue models and be successfully repeatable in the future.


Challenges faced by a Marketing Operations Manager

As with any job, in any field or industry, this role also comes with its own set of challenges. The more common challenges in this job are

  1. Heavily dependent on technology. As technology is not perfect and is dynamic and evolving, it requires the operations manager to constantly solve problems. Heavy documentation is also a drawback and very tedious work.
  2. Work as a bridge between marketing and sales team. It is difficult to competently align both these teams. Prioritizing important work from both these departments requires good foresight. A good manager will have to work upon his communication style, the frequency of communication and tone to make the most of both teams.
  3. Data is fickle. One of the chief roles of a Marketing Operations Manager is to prepare reports. Unreliable data will invariably lead to unreliable reports. The challenge lies in capturing data swiftly and accurately and in large numbers and then deciphering that. Build a good, computable process to bring in data and then identify and segregate relevant data.

Again, the only way to overcome all these challenges and obstacles is to have the right mindset. Have a proactive and learning mindset and tackle all tasks and solve problems without delay and with great energy.


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