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Career Path Of A Marketing Operations Manager | Advice For Aspiring Marketing Operations Managers

Marketing Operations Manager career path requires you to work on your public skills and gain enough knowledge about the field. New entrants need to increase their urge to be curious about learning the required skills and tools to be successful in the said field.

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Marketing Operations Manager career is definitely an interesting one that has till date attracted many potential job seekers. However, for new entrants, it is imperative to have a clear idea about the said field, know about it’s important aspects, and pay attention to some advice from the experts to get successful. 


Career path of a Marketing Operations Manager

If you are working as a Marketing Operations Manager, you will be promoted to the post of Marketing Operations Director, which is considered to be a strategic thinking role. Thus, when you are working as an Operations Manager, you need to work on your public skills, so that you can make changes to the functions and can eventually change the system. Once you have enough of knowledge about the field, you can move into a role where you can use your knowledge to make decision for the organization. This will help you in getting to a higher role of a Marketing Operations Director.

Now, from here you can move into different directions, such as you can move on to the role of a Demand Generation Director.


Differences Between a Operations Manager at Start Up Versus Operations Manager at Company

The differences between the job profile of a Marketing Operations Manager in a large company and that in a start up can be broadly classified into three aspects: responsibilities, career path, and thinking process in task.

  • Responsibilities: In large firms, the function of Marketing Operations can be divided into multiple roles. For examples, a Marketing Operations Manager may also be asked to operate technology tools. Thus, in a big firm you can find multiple Operations Managers performing different tasks. However, in start ups, a Marketing Operations Manager has the complete responsibility to what he or she creates and maintains. However, this also implies that in start ups, you need to solve all your problems on your own whereas this may not be the case in grand firms.
  • Career Path: The career path for a Marketing Operations Manager is predictable in a big firm. Thus, you may expect to follow the same career path for some years in a grand firm. The career path is clear here that you can follow easily and can gain greater experience because you have a clear path to go back to when you want to learn something. However, in start ups, the career path is not that clear and you may get new responsibilities to share at any moment of time. So, you have room for learning new concepts which is basically the biggest benefit of working with a start up.
  • Thinking process in task: Well in big firms, the Operations Manager may be spending more time in execution as they are more concerned about working with technology. Moreover, they may be advising about how to build campaigns effectively. However, when it comes to start ups, you may have to work as a strategic thinker as well.


Advice for Aspiring Marketing Operations Manager

Foremost, to be successful as an Operation Manager, you need to be really curious about everything. Moreover, you need to have the urge to keep learning because marketing operations is a very new field when compared to all other industries. Moreover, the technology concerned keeps on changing and there are so many tools to learn about. So, be curious about the technology trends, about the tools you may be working with and the success path becomes clear. Moreover, since it s a new field, your curiosity to learn new skills related to the field can take you to a much higher position.

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