Know All This To Be A Successful Data Manager

A Data Manager has the most important responsibility when it comes to deal with data. They must be equipped with lots of skills to deal with various situations. As the world of data is changing continuously, the Data Manager must be well aware of the changes to step his/her game up in his field of expertise.

Nicholas Nuss Senior Data Management Consultant

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Data Manager

  1. Ensuring Data Integrity
    Data integrity means Data Manager looks into the security of the data. As a Data Manager, one should not mishandle with the data. Sensitive pieces of information are encrypted for security purpose. The Data Manager also ensures the accuracy of the data.

    If you are passing inaccurate information to data analysts and scientists with whom you have to work closely, will be unable to do their job correctly.
  1. Different Mappings of Data
    When you would try to match two different sources of information, everything should line-up at the end.
  1. Punctuality of Deliverables
    For Data Scientists and Analysts, everything starts with a database and a Data Manager takes the first step in any data-process. He/she must ensure that the database is ready and available when a Scientist or Analyst requires it.  
  1. Build Bridge Between Technical and Business World
    You have to be a bridge between a process’s technical and business side to communicate in both orders.  


Typical Day In The Life Of A Data Manager

  1. Email  a Late Supplier
  2. Chase Down a Bad Information
  3. Identify Logic Enhancements
  4. Construct Data Models


How To Break Into The Role Of A Data Manager

You need to look for positions in business intelligence, analytics which will be a key indicator that there are data behind the scenes. Know how companies are utilizing the influx of data on a day-to-day basis. There will be a need for a Data Manager because they have technical skills to build databases.

  • You can apply for an entry-level position and work hard to up your way a little bit.  
  • If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, you could build your own shop.
  • You can do freelance if you have good Excel skills. Ask local businesses if you can help with the data that they are unable to handle accurately.


Tips To Make Your Resume Standout For Data Manager Position

  1. Have Good Excel Skills
    Without the skill, you won't become a good fit as a Data Manage. It will be difficult to pick things up.
  1. Point Out Your Logical Thinking
    You must have some aptitude to code, not for creating a program but understand how the logic flows.
  1. Show Off Statistic Skills
    Statistic skills can make you shine through the interview, if you have it then that’s great.


Job Search Strategy For The Role Of Data Manager

Look for business intelligence, information systems and companies that are looking for data scientists, because these companies will definitely need Data Manager. Scientists or Analysts won’t necessarily create the databases.

AI requires lots of data and for those companies, Data Manager is as important as Data Scientists and Data Analysts.


5 Common Interview Questions For Data Manager Role

  1. Describe a time when you fail to meet a deadline and how would you go about communicating that up to the chain?
  2. Excel Quiz
  3. Describe a time when you had to solve a technical problem.
  4. If you can prioritize different technical responsibilities within the job and if you are unable to prioritize those, if you can communicate to the stakeholders of different teams, then what should be the priority?
  5. How have you been able to coach the Data Managers? (for Senior role)


3 Best Resources Or Books To Aid In Data Management Job

  1. Google
    It will be the No. 1 resources for all types of information.
  1. Data Management by Richard Watson
    The book dives into the broad world of data management and provides a good overview of what goes into modelling data storage.
  1. Any Programming Book with Hello World section
    You will garner technical skills from such books.


3 Key Skills To Master As Data Manager

  1. Excel Skills is Must
    Without it, you will fail to put out any small pieces of information.
  1. Logical Thinking Capability
    Ability to think through a technical problem and provide solutions is a crucial skill.
  1. Statistic Skills
    You can help the analysts and Data Scientists what is going into the problem that they are facing.


4 Challenges That You Face In Your Job

  1. Technical Problem
  2. Security
  3. Working with Suppliers
  4. Continuous Change of Laws


Career Path Ahead Of Data Manager

  1. Data Producer
  2. Programmer
  3. Database Administrator
  4. Project Manager/Product Manager
  5. Business Analyst
  6. Security Position


3 Things To Consider While Selecting An Employer

  1. Always Invest in The Tools
  2. Company Culture is Crucial
  3. Type of Data You are Working With


Advice For Aspiring Data Manager To Succeed In Their Role

  1. Be Inquisitive
    Look into the data before you make it ready for Data Scientists and Data Analysts.
  1. Don’t Stop Learning
    As data are continuously changing, so does the tools to handle them. Stay focused, and learn new tools to be successful in being up-to-date with the knowledge.
  2. Troubleshoot with Hypothesis
    Whenever you encounter a problem, always take restore to hypothesis and secure variables which don’t change.