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Most Important Data Science Interview Questions | Job Search Strategy

Here, in this video our expert discusses the data science interview questions. He explains that in an interview both specific and conceptual problems are asked and one needs to answer them wisely and with alert mindset .

Data Science Benjamin Rogojan Data Engineer

Data Science interview questions are a blend of conceptual and specific questions asked. One needs to be prepared for all type of items whether they are based on the concept or specifically related to any topic for data science jobs. Few questions that expert feels are:

  1. About Yourself
    The first question that usually comes up about yourself, your experience, your expertise and past projects handled. This is kind of a portfolio that one needs to present. So, be very minute with it as it gives the first impression.
  • Test Your Mathematical Skills
    Secondly, the common question is when the interviewer asks to tell the difference between like precision or to recall along nature. It is there to test your mathematical understanding.

  • Conceptual Questions
    Thirdly, they might even ask like what is the p-value. There are more conceptual questions which are really common and good enough to cite your understanding of the concept design and your ability to set up an experiment.

    Expert says, running data is very easy in many ways with Python and R, so interviewer usually comes up with a question to test your understanding of results and what they mean.

    However, precision, recall, p-value are the general kind of problems that interviewer asks in data science jobs.

  • Probabilistic Questions
    More of probabilistic questions also comes in an interview where questions about dice or something that requires more of understanding of statistics comes where they try to judge if you can formulate the setup of a basic experiment from a statistical side and calculate basic probabilities without using your desktop.

  • Traverse Binary Tree
    Expert coached many people who are placed in Microsoft, and they were asked particular questions related to programming like if you know about a traverse binary tree. It is less common but can come up occasionally.

    Most data scientists might not know to the programme as the way you know algorithms; however, that entirely depends on the company what they would like to ask.

What is the Best Job Search Strategy for Data Science Jobs?

People dwell on making job strategies for data science jobs. There are very few people who would do everything to get a job. They can spend months or years to get an excellent job. If the needs be so, they will write blog posts; they would have it on GitHub. Those who want it really bad, they would apply forever until they get the job that they have wished to acquire. Eventually, these people get jobs. Those are not ordinary jobs, like a job in Zillow or some other places where one would think that it’s a great place to be at.

To get data science jobs, one needs to follow the best of strategies that will eventually lead them to get the job:

  1. Capability to do Everything
    One has to do everything in ones' strive to get it. In the journey, one has to keep himself/herself motivated. Having motivation throughout the journey is the hardest thing to achieve.

    You should definitely do things like write blog posts and put your resume out in the market for every job possible. You have to reach out to people who may guide or may lead your way to get the dream job.

  2. Keeping Yourself Motivated
    You may not know which way to put your foot forward in the beginning, and that's what makes it harder. When it starts to get, harder most individuals to fail to keep themselves motivates.

    It may take you six months, or it may take you eight months to get where you want to be. It can also happen that you feel like nothing is happening and your motivation is falling apart. But in these times, you have to keep pushing yourself without giving up and stay motivated for your goal.

  3. Every Opportunity Matters
    You have to keep trying things and keep doing everything, as there will be an opportunity for one of the things to get worked. You don't want to lose out on the chance that is knocking on your door to work somewhere you want to. But if you give up quickly as it doesn’t seem to be working, you would never know which might have worked or you.

    No one knows which opportunity is going to click in their path until they confront it even after failing many times before.

    Do everything if you want to get one of the data science jobs. Write blog posts, give interviews, practice your craft as much as possible and go to the meet-ups. You never know when and where you will meet someone who is going to give you a job.

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