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The Ultimate Guide To Frame A Career In Artificial Intelligence For Present Generation

In this video, Will Murphy talks about the various scopes of AI and the importance of artificial intelligence career path and how the person working with AI can have more coding experience than other general coders. The video also gives us an insight into the ideas and versatility of AI usage.

Artificial Intelligence Will Murphy AI Expert

The possible areas of artificial intelligence career path are vast in present days. From companies to business concerns all are greatly working based on data science. As data science deals with various data and information so mostly complex programs and algorithms are associated with it. Companies looking for data science experts commonly focus on the degree of certificates you are having, like PhD candidates or candidates having other higher degrees. We also think that, coders who have a good python and math background can solve the maximum of the toughest code But it is not always same, the ones having AI knowledge can code better compared to them.

The projects on AI contains various on-field ideas based completely on data science, thus the experience gained are enough to create tough complex codes better than the general coders. Nowadays, we are more focused on simplifying our work and as we care a lot about time, so time management is a great factor. AI is such a field that makes this possible. AI aims at creating BOTs which will work as per our instructions. From general stores to multinational companies, AI BOTs can be installed everywhere for performing various works; this increases the scope of career in this field. Thus, we aim at creating BOT chains.

The first part of BOT chain aims to create two ends interacting BOTs. In this case, there will be no involvement of the third wheel, and thus this will help in better data flow. This will also help us to know more about the less popular companies. The second part of what BOTS chain states, is to create permanent records of what's going on with the BOT ecosystem. The third category aims to uphold the BOT community in marketplace, where the BOTs of each company can communicate and can register other companies through their BOTs as per requirements and also can use their storage system to answer the queries and come up with a proper presentation about the companies. Thus, this all contributes to the artificial intelligence career path.

Being the most flourishing branch in the recent days, it not always concentrates on the degree of qualifications of a person for recruitment. It is seen people with more degrees may not always have that much exposure of practicality and are thus less experienced. Thus, nowadays start-ups concentrate more on the people with better experience and better ideas. This creates an additional advantage for artificial intelligence career path.

The start-ups these days are quite good enough. It is not always that, you have to get in a big start-up company; you can even start with the mid-sized companies too. They will eventually put you in the area where you possess more potential.




Artificial Intelligence Engineer Career Path

In any career, you can choose to go down or adopt different paths. This can be planned or circumstantial. Whichever path you choose it should be in tune with your interests and aptitude.


  1. The First Path:

    Some people tend to stay technical. They move progressively from being a junior developer to a senior developer. Then they become architects and go up the chain with architects depending on the magnitude of the project.
  2. The Second Path:

    Some people go from technical to the management and administrative side. For a few years they may move from being a junior developer to a senior developer then maybe to an architect. Then, they may decide to get into project management. They begin managing the projects as opposed to coming up with the solution. They may even move on to consulting and take up a consultant role.
  3. The Third Path

    Marketing and sales is a third path which you can choose. Here, you try to bring in new clients. As a developer, you tend to be very knowledgeable about your subject and have good information. Therefore, it becomes easy to convince and attract new clients.


Challenges and Opportunity

As with every industry, there are some challenges and opportunities in the field of robotics and Artificial Intelligence as well.



  1. Though Process Automation is wonderful system which is growing better over the years, it is not always a stable system and software. Though the software is written in a way that it is easy to come up with a bot, it is unstable. For example, if you are using a bot to click through a website and if that website changes, your bot will probably break down. You will then have to go back and recode certain parts. Keeping bots functional is a big challenge.
  2. Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology with many unknowns. Therefore, clients are a little uncomfortable dealing with, or coming to terms with, the unknowns. For example, in a machine learning model you can give a result with an accuracy less than hundred percent. In robotics the result is hundred percent at all times. If it is not, it signifies that something is wrong or broken. However, in AI, the result is as good as the technology only.



  1. As technology grows, opportunity lies in making Artificial Intelligence accurate. Fixing the challenge of an unstable system and software is an immense opportunity in the AI field.
  2. AI being an emerging technology, there is something new happening every day. This provides an opportunity to understand, learn and grow. Stagnation is not an option in the realm of Artificial Intelligence career.


Advice to Future AI Engineers

To be successful in the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, it is important to love the subject and be passionate about this field. This may be difficult and frustrating at times because of the challenges of inaccuracy faced but do not give up.

Read all articles, books on technology and stay abreast of all the news in AI. Attend tech conferences and seminars where you will get to know the latest breakthroughs and how people are using technology to benefit the world.


Artificial Intelligence is absolutely the future. A career in AI has immense scope and is a learning and growth oriented one. If you are passionate about this field, try to acquire a toe hold there and then learn and grow on the job.

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