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5 Commonly Asked Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions | AI Interview Format

A job in Artificial Intelligence is a highly coveted one. The Artificial Intelligence interview format typically entails three to four rounds of interviews with the recruiter and even with senior level managers and other top-level management cadre. Questions are asked about qualifications, skills and other aptitude. There are different levels of questions for freshers and other aspirants.

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Artificial Intelligence Interview Format

Interview Rounds

There are generally three to four rounds of interview. The first round begins with the recruiter screening you. In this round, the recruiter reads your resume and interviews you. He then determines if you would be a good fit for the role and the company. This assessment is based on your skill set and overall personality.

The next round would include your meeting and interacting with project managers, senior developers and managing directors. They may be persons on whose team you will be working in the future.

The third round may include an interview with the vice president and other people who run the group that you will be working in.

If you are straight out of college or a fresher in the job market, particularly in Artificial Intelligence, there will usually be a case study round. You are given a situation and then you are required to do a role-playing exercise where you talk about the case and pretend to be the consultant.

This is the common AI interview format. However, this may differ somewhat in different companies.


5 Commonly asked AI Interview Questions

Communication is the key in any interview. Be open and talk freely about your experience, projects done and problems you have solved. Do not hesitate and highlight everything about you without actually boasting. The 5 commonly asked Artificial Intelligence interview questions are

  • Tell me about yourself and walk me through your resume
  • Tell me about the projects that you've done - The more experienced you are the longer this answer takes
  • Fresh graduates are asked to talk about their favourite subject and why it is so. Questions relating to their interests are thrown at them. They may also be asked to talk about why they find Artificial Intelligence interesting
  • Questions related to leadership and self-direction. This helps to gauge if the candidate can work on his own and deliver results
  • How would you handle or resolve a conflict between yourself or your team with the client and/or his team. This is asked to assess if the candidate can handle client relationships well and treat the client respectfully.

All these questions help the recruiter judge the candidate, his areas of interest, his leadership qualities and whether he is a solo operator or a team player.


3 Best Resources to Use while Preparing for AI Interview

  1. Google is the best resource available. It is the oracle and a storehouse of all information. Just consult Google and clear all your doubts and have all your questions answered.
  2. Use Reddit. There is a subreddit called CS career and r/cs career questions. These help you prepare for interviews.
  3. Use Topcoder. It is a community for developers and coders focused on algorithms. It helps you prepare for interviews, gain new skills in testing, implementation and solving problems.


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