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Mantra for Professional Networking

Networking ideas to build a career in professional networking are creating an impressive resume because of their vital role. It helps to build connections,seek out for advice from experts, refer out contacts, get referred via network if you apply online. Our expert, Mike Wolford has given his suggestion to the job aspirants for the professional networking and how to do it appropriately to get your dream job.

Interview Preparation Mike Wolford Senior Recruiter

To build a foundation for future expansion of a particular firm or company, active networking is required. There are specific networking tips in the field of professional networking which would help you to build relationships.

The first step is to adopt a simple motto, and that is to help a person whenever somebody approaches you for help in the professional realm, following the principle of desert Pete. It is about a man traveling alone in the desert; and he comes across a pump with a bottle of water and a note. The first instinct would be to quench your thirst; however, the note says to prime the pump before getting anything out of it. Here, the right thing to do would be to use the water to prime the pump and then utilize all the water you require and refill it for the next person to use it. The principle of networking resembles this story, to do something for somebody who can't help you out at present, and you would be rewarded later. Helping others with a particular work if you have the required skill set, referring out contacts, help in building connection and if you require assistance from them later on it is quite fair. To proactively build a career, you need to seek out experts in your field, and don't approach them with jobs. Approach them to gain knowledge and experience, and they would be flattered. This solves two purposes, you are receiving sound information from an experienced industry expert and leader, and you have also made a real connection. Although it takes times to build a real network, these connections become invaluable as your career progresses. Being prepared with fundamental concepts and creating an impressive resume is also an important aspect.

If you apply online with your resume, it not only gets parsed but the information is stored in a system which the recruiters are going to review and scan for keywords. However, the best and the easiest way to get referred is always through a network, and this will help you build a great career.

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