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How to Establish Personal Branding at the Workplace?

Personal branding in the workplace is very important. It is the best way to establish yourself and stand out among st the crowd in your office and professional life. Lauri Smith explains how to establish your personal brand in the most effective way.

Interview Preparation Lauri Smith CEO of Voice Matters

We all know and agree that personal branding and image is an important aspect of our professional life and executive profile. The best way to establish our own unique and personal brand is to adopt an inside out approach as against an outside in approach.

Inside out Approach

The inside out approach is to draw on your own inner capabilities, intellect and personality. Be your best self. Display your special personality without fear of judgement. Bring in a sense of purpose to every job you undertake and all your actions. Breathe new life into every experience you encounter. Positively energize and impact your work space with your cheerful and energetic disposition.

Every single day walk into your office radiating your intentions to tackle the day with vigor. Your values are what truly define you. So always stand by right values and honor them with utmost dedication. Practice all this with discipline and make it your own.

Own Your Brand

Eventually, you will create your own personal brand which will remain exclusive to you. Own your brand in such way that nobody else can copy or match you. Just be you, your best self, and personal branding will just take care of itself.

The No1 Reason for Confused Personal Branding

On the contrary, we walk around trying to mold ourselves to what people need. We try our best to figure out how to be a people pleaser. We try to adopt their personality so as to match up to their requirements. This is the prime reason for creating a highly confused personal branding in our workplace and also our personal life.

In this case, we are not really sending out our own message to people but a pathetic reflection and copy of theirs. They never come to know about things and issues we really care about and our thoughts on important things relating to our values. Our ideas about the mission of the company also do not get adequately conveyed.


Personal branding can be consciously established at the work place by taking a holistic view and reflecting our inherent best selves at the work place.

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