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The Best Books And Resources For The Budding Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can find many resources online- from mentors on the books written by them. Damon Brown is the author of the best selling book " Bring Your Worth" and believes books for entrepreneurs are not only meant for reading when situations arise but also for taking effective actions during crisis to handle more pressing issues at hand as they draw inspiration from the books.

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There are many books for entrepreneurs who are just starting out with their ventures, each focusing on different aspects of the journey. When it comes to guidance, the modern age entrepreneurs can look online for inspiration and resources. Damon Brown personally believes the first thing to do while embarking upon this journey is to start following people who are doing what you want to do. This includes reading their blogs, following their Twitter handles and so on. For instance, Brown began following Jason Creed, the co-founder of Basecamp, when he officially became an entrepreneur. Creed’s book, Rework, is one of Brown’s Bibles, simply because he felt Creed resonated with him through his writing. This is where mentorship becomes a resource for budding entrepreneurs, irrespective of whether your mentor knows you exist or not.

Finding good books for entrepreneurs is only second to finding mentor ship, but it is no less important. Successful entrepreneurs ensure they read a couple of books every year. Brown recommends the following must-read books for entrepreneurs:

  1. Essentialism: This book by Greg McKeown is all about prioritizing tasks and things in your life. There are generally a million things an entrepreneur needs to do, but you’ll only have time for about a hundred. This book is a guide to have your priorities in order to make an impact in the way you want.
  2. The War of Art: Authored by Steven Pressfield, this book talks about getting started, especially with creatives. The intention behind each startup is the same- to create value for others out of nothing. However, each creative idea or startup demands a different type of execution strategy and personalities. In the process, it is quite normal to get stuck and be unable to get started. This book is for helping you get unstuck or get started.
  3. Pivot: Jenny Blake talks about career changes in this book. Anyone who’s older than twenty and decides to become an entrepreneur is pivoting from another career choice. This book helps to create a personal structure for stability as you move into a large commercial world, especially for those who shift from a corporate career to entrepreneurship.

Getting a library is vital for budding entrepreneurs as reading will help you plan out your next step in unexpected situations.

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