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Job Prospects After MBA Program From Stanford University

Many top universities organizes MBA job placement programs for their students who are on the verge of completing their Master of Business Administrative degree. Know how B-schools and companies can help you to discover your management career in your desired specialization and get place at your dream company.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Anthony Luckett MBA, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Even before you complete your Master of Business Administration, your MBA job search process slides in. Every social interaction you make, every class you take and every skill-set you acquire are building block for your personal advertising and your unique personal branding.

Schools and companies play a huge role to bring an individual's personal branding to the limelight. This is why the job search programs which are organized by the top universities are a great place to start to build your career life.

There is a distinct process to identify organizations that have MBA jobs to offer. There also rise the questions, why do you want to work in any of these organizations or how you would prepare for the MBA job interviews that come next.

When you are closer to finish your Master of Business Administration, you must focus on a strong framework to look for good MBA jobs. The framework consists of three key circles which overlaps just like a Venn diagram.

The first circle is the circle of passion. The passion is defined by where you are spending your energy, your dollars and your time. Apart from these factors, your passion is also dictated by what you want to do and where you want to see yourself in the future. Make a list of all the things and get validation from people who can give their personal opinion and has a good direct connection with you.

The second circle is as important as the first circle when it comes to landing an MBA job after one finishes his/her Master of Business Administration degree. This circle is all about your skills. What are your skill-sets? Where are you different from others in the market that can be your bonus factor to get a lucrative job? Ask the questions and create another list for all the skills you have or need to acquire to get any MBA jobs.

The third cycle is the overlapping part that is created by the two former circles. It binds your passion and skills together and creates a sweet spot which will make you different from the rest of the MBA job-seekers.

Work on the three-circled framework to land a quality MBA job. Schools play a significant role to cultivate your passion and skills long before you complete your degree in Master of Business Administration.

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