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Career Path of a Sales Representative | By Shawn Q

A sales representative career is not restricted to the only sales development team. If you are passionate about business and need a career in business development than you aim towards your dream job. The traditional jobs options will be the same throughout.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Shawn Q Enterprise Accounts Manager

A sales representative career revolves around the company and products. Whether you are an inbound or outbound sales rep, you must understand whatever job you are doing in the sales development unit, the same shall be available to do in business development. The traditional titles are sales development rep; however, the title does not matter here. The job role is same for sales rep person.

If you are under the impression as to how you can grow in sales rep career, then here is the option. Practically you ought to have an entry-level job. No one is going to make you manager overnight. With success and value addition, you can offer your internal department an insight that you are getting ready for level up job roles.

If you are working in the accounts development section, and may you like sales development but does not want to be outbound representative for the company. In that scenario, you should be able to use your networking in the office. Sometimes its good to have a social gathering in office which lets you have healthy talks about the office work. You can leverage internal relationship and blend your current job into a dream job.

Being an outbound sales representative in your company gives you an insight of the product in the market. But the inside sales job role is a little bit easy. It gives you a full cycle of work which starts from launching the product into the market and closing a deal finally. If you are into sales and you like your work, but do not want to want to be an entry-level job. You should work hard to get noticed in the department which will take you to newer heights.

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