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Top 10 Soft Skills That Employers Look for in Future Hires

Top 10 Soft Skills That Employers Look for in Future Hires

Until a few years back, hiring managers went gaga over candidates who possessed exceptional technical, job-specific skills. Definitely, these were the skills required to get the job done in the most effective manner possible. However, many organizations were quick to realize that there are a completely different set of skills that outdid technical expertise and are essential to make employees truly productive not only as an individual but also as a team. These set of unique skills came to be known as “soft skills” and are also known as “interpersonal” or “noncognitive skills”. 

What Exactly are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are those inherent abilities and personal attributes that include a whole gamut of qualities such as communication skills, adaptability, accountability, positive attitude, creativity, time management, critical thinking and conflict resolution skills. Soft skills are now considered vital in corporate scenarios since many positions require collaboration as well as the capacity to work as a team to collectively come up with solutions for intricate business decisions. 

Discover the Top 10 Soft Skills

Take a look at the top 10 soft skills that will come in handy if you are looking for a new job or change in career. While penning your resume, make sure you look over this list to determine the soft skills you possess and take care to highlight the ones that reflect the real you. If you are in doubt, HiCounselor’s Resume Builder can assist you to integrate both soft skills as well as technical skills in your resume.

1. Communication

If you're seeking examples of soft skills that can be included in your resume, communicating should be on the list. Both verbal and written communication abilities are sought-after because they are essential to establishing connections at work.

2. Customer Service

Did you know that 15% of companies are looking for employees who can extend excellent customer service? This requirement extends even to those companies that engage in activities not directly related to customer service. So, if this is one of your prime soft skills, highlighting your customer relationship management skills is a major plus.

3. Problem Solving

Problems are everywhere. The ability lies in handling problems without letting them escalate or get out of hand. Companies look for problem-solvers who are able to handle unexpected issues with ease and thereby find solutions.

4. Skills in Organizing

Every hiring manager and recruiter is looking for evidence of these abilities because they are crucial to completing projects within the timeframe required. Make sure you mention your experience in project management, if any.

5. Resilience

This is the capacity to rise above disappointment or accept failure with grace. If you are the type who does not dwell on the past and instead focuses on the present, you will be considered an asset in any organization.

6. Public Speaking

In this age of project presentations and interactive marketing strategies, employees are regarded as walking brand ambassadors of an organization. Soft skills in public speaking come in really handy not just for sales professionals but even those who are engaged in new product development.  

7. Teamwork/Collaboration

Collaboration with team members is an essential part of working towards a single goal. Consider instances where you have worked with others on projects or enjoyed teamwork to bring about positive changes in an organization. Make sure to mention it in your resume under the soft skills section.

8. Interpersonal Skills

Understanding the viewpoint of another and fostering a better understanding between people is crucial to achieving success in your job.

9. Critical Thinking

Analyzing a situation and thinking about it from multiple angles to arrive at the wisest decision is essential to be successful in the workplace. Critical thinking is among the best examples of the importance of soft skills.

10. Leadership/ Management Skills

A leader who is successful sets themself apart through their ability to be in charge. Mentioning instances of management or leadership skills proves that you have a good understanding of the people around you and know how to encourage them to be successful.

11. Networking

Networking can help you get ahead in the business world because having the right people in your network will help you get new clients or make important connections.

12. Negotiation

Negotiating requires a strong sense of communication as well as the capacity to exchange and receive. This is among the most effective soft skills that many hiring managers desire to have in their potential employees.

13. Proactive

Being proactive means recognizing possible problems prior to their occurrence and then taking care of the issues before they give rise to avoidable consequences. Hiring managers greatly value this ability in their future hires.

Of course, even the best soft skills will not suffice if you do not possess the necessary technical skills for the job. However, the ability to present your soft skills in your resume will definitely make you stand out among other candidates with similar qualifications. During my professional phase, I have witnessed many instances where there have been three or more equally qualified candidates at the final interview and the one who was finally handed the Offer Letter was the candidate with the right skills. So, go ahead and include the soft skills that you possess on your resume. But also make sure to justify each claim with relevant proof or hands-on experience. 

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