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How to Choose the Right Certificate Program

How to Choose the Right Certificate Program

Earning a certificate gives you an edge in today’s highly competitive job market. It’s a great way to boost your skills and make your resume that much more impressive to the next recruiter. There are so many options in almost every sector that many people are confused about how to choose the right certificate program. 

At HiCounselor, we want to help people make the right career choices, and that includes what you can do to boost your profile. Read on to learn how to choose the right certificate program. When you want some assistance finding the right job for you, contact us and see how we help people rise to their career potential!

Ask Your Work Contacts

One of the best ways to figure out how to choose the right certificate program is to ask people in the same field. They’re pursuing similar goals so they might have good suggestions about how to improve your skill set. If they’ve completed any program, ask them about their feedback on how helpful it was overall. 

Conduct an Online Search

Nothing beats the internet when it comes to providing a plethora of information. You’ll find a lot of information about both general options and programs more specific to your industry. Another way to decide how to choose the right certificate program is to use sites like CareerOneStop, which provide all kinds of certificate information.  

Check Institute Websites

There are many colleges, universities, and institutes that offer certificate programs. You can check your local community college, vocational-technical schools, and other institutes to see if they have some good options for you. You can also check some renowned non-local schools’ websites to see some remote learning options.

Reach out to Alumni

At least a few people who studied with you will have similar career paths as you. They might be very helpful in deciding how to choose the right certificate program. Reach out and talk to those alumni who you think might be able and willing to help you out. You can ask them about any courses they might have completed as well. 


Ask Your Boss

A lot of employers like to help their workers get more training and skills. So, your boss might just be able to help you examine how to choose the right certificate program. They might know which certification can boost your resume or get you a promotion. Some companies also pay or reimburse for relevant courses, so ask about that as well.

Don’t Fall for Flash

There are some unscrupulous people out there with fake skills and real con-man abilities. If a course seems too short, too cheap, or too easy to obtain, you might want to skip it. You must know how to choose the right certificate program as well as how to avoid the wrong ones. Check the reviews to understand what previous students thought. 

Check Accreditation

A certificate is only as good as the issuing authority. When figuring out how to choose the right certificate program, check if it’s accredited. You’ll want to pick one that’s backed by either the Department of Education or Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Many well-known schools can also not be accredited, so don’t skip this step.

Check Your Resources

An important step when deciding how to choose the right certificate program is to see what you can work with. Consider the course costs as well as how much time it’ll require per week and to complete the program overall. What about exams and tests? Do they offer some flexibility when it comes to students who work part- or full-time? Figure this out before you sign up.


We hope these tips help you figure out how to choose the right certificate course! If you’re feeling stuck in your job search, get in touch with us at HiCounselor and let our job search program work for you! The best part about working with us is we only take payment after we get you a job. 

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