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7 Benefits of Guided Project-Based Learning

7 Benefits of Guided Project-Based Learning

As technology changes the workplace, employees have to work hard to ensure they have what it takes to get the job done. According to some research, around 42% of the main skills needed to perform existing jobs are going to change. That means by the year 2030, over 1 billion people have to be reskilled. This might sound like an uphill battle but it doesn’t have to be if we use better learning methods, like guided project-based learning. 

Guided project-based learning has many benefits and is a great way to teach people new skills. It’s focused training that also teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills. At HiCounselor, we like to help people reach their full potential. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of why guided project-based learning might be beneficial for you. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get higher in your career, contact us and one of our mentors will gladly help you out!

Gain Functional Skills

Technical skills are an innate part of today’s workforce but that’s not all employers are looking for. They want people who are good at communication, time management, teamwork, and more. With guided project-based learning, you can pick up these skills as you work to complete your tasks. Each step requires a different approach, which leads to overall skill development. 


Even though guided project-based learning usually involves multiple people working on a single project, the tasks are divided between the team members. Everyone in the team has an important role to play and must take ownership of their work. Project work then becomes a reflection of their abilities and accomplishments, which can impress future employers. 

Demonstrates Understanding

Potential employees can mention a host of accomplishments and skills in their resumes but that information is not backed by any proof. Guided project-based learning can show that a candidate has worked with the tools and processes that a company employs. It can be used to reflect that a candidate has a deeper understanding of the subject matter than mere theoretical knowledge.


We mentioned that guided project-based learning is a great tool for enhancing individual responsibility. However, it’s also a great way to hone your teamwork skills. Working with all kinds of people, giving and taking feedback, encouraging others to complete their tasks is all part of work life, and this learning methodology is designed to help people work better with others. 

Build Curiosity

One of the best ways to learn is to be curious about the why, how, where and what of things. Often we tend to limit ourselves to our hobbies and interests, but with guided project-based learning, you get to explore other subjects. This can often make people more curious about related topics and minute details, helping them to become familiar with diverse subjects. 

Problem Solving & Innovation

When we work in a team, we’re faced with many challenges, from delegation to personal problems. There are many snags and hurdles to overcome, which makes people hone their problem solving skills and look for innovative ways to tackle them. Any mistakes made during guided project-based learning are to be seen as learning curves that can lead to improvement.


Guided project-based learning requires hard work to complete several different steps. Many people face obstacles of all kinds while working on the projects. They learn how to persevere despite the problems. They learn how to improve their work quality. They learn to manage their time better. It’s a great way to learn how you can deliver more effective results in the future.

We hope this list of the benefits of guided project-based learning will help you decide if you’d like to try this method out! If you’re looking for a career or job change and are finding yourself feeling stuck, get in touch with us at HiCounselor. Our processes are designed to make the job hunt part easier on the candidates so they can focus on interview preparation and resume enhancement.