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Advance Your Career in Salesforce with Industry Professionals

Advance Your Career in Salesforce with Industry Professionals

Salesforce trends have been exploding in 2022 and innumerable individuals – both recent grads as well as seasoned professionals – took a wise decision to master the world’s leading CRM. They set themselves up for success by getting their Salesforce Administrator or Consultant certifications and taking up roles as Admins, Analysts and Consultants that would help catapult them into other highly-valued careers within the salesforce ecosystem.

By 2026, Salesforce is slated to create close to 9.3 million jobs. Needless to say, the time is now perfect for those who wish to advance their career in Salesforce. The paths open for career progression are unbelievably exciting, not just monetarily but professionally as well. So, if you are ready to stay ahead of the game and take the next giant leap into the Salesforce ecosystem, this space is for you.

Salesforce Career Trends

Overall, the potential for Salesforce professionals looks extremely promising. Even if you’re just embarking on your career after recent graduation or you’ve been thinking about a little more excitement to ignite your current job role, Salesforce holds the key to a great career journey ahead.

If you’re keen on advancing your career in Salesforce, HiCounselor provides industry professionals-led Salesforce training through interactive online mode. You can reach out and register for HiCounselor’s upcoming SALESFORCE CAREER EXPO for more details. It is being held on the 15th of November, Tuesday, from 5 PM to 7 PM EST and led by Aditya Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder - HiCounselor and Ex-Salesforce Senior Consultant at Deloitte and PWC.


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Those who have already taken baby steps to become a Salesforce expert, can now further advance their career by specializing and reskilling. Thanks to digitization on a global level, almost all business processes are on the verge of being automated and companies wish to offer their customers a highly personalized, immersive experience. The Salesforce ecosystem too is growing by leaps and bounds, so specialization would become necessary within the next couple of months.

You can easily advance your career in Salesforce by taking up certifications in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud or DevOps. There are also several options on how you wish to take up these reskilling and continuous learning sessions. One of the most beneficial options is directly learning from industry professionals in Live classes and Career Expos. These sessions are spearheaded by Salesforce experts who are employed in superior roles at leading companies worldwide.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Proving your mettle in Salesforce Marketing Cloud would help you stand out from the rest. A Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialist is revered because they can help companies cater to customer preferences and considerably increase conversion rates as well as customer count. Any organization that is keen on boosting sales results and enhancing customer experiences would require the skills of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialist. Job roles are aplenty in a wide range of industries ranging from information technology to healthcare, management consulting and other emerging sectors.

There's also an enormous opportunity to freelance as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant. With the rising cost of living, shortage of skilled talents and the shift towards remote work, freelancers will be preferred in the long run.

Sales Cloud

When it comes to increasing sales rates and solving sales challenges, no one can do it better than a Sales Cloud expert. Many companies are now keen on having their own certified Sales Cloud consultant on the team who will help address customers’ business issues with the functionality behind Salesforce. Those who have already obtained a Salesforce Administrator or Developer certification can easily reskill themselves as Sales Cloud professionals.


Another trend that saw a meteoric rise in 2021 is the growth in Salesforce DevOps. In fact, it is likely to offer the largest development opportunity for Salesforce professionals in 2023 and beyond. There is immense potential in this field and there are advanced opportunities for consultants or system integrators. While certain applications such as Gearset, Copado and AutoRABIT have been in use for some time, Covid further accelerated the requirement for DevOps, especially since many teams of developers work remotely.

Options to Advance Your Salesforce Career

You can easily master Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud or DevOps either by learning online or from fellow peers in the Salesforce community forum. Although you will greatly benefit from the guided learning paths and awesome assistance the two options offer, many now prefer to opt for a third and professionally-enriching option: directly learning from industry professionals during Live Masterclass sessions or during Career Expos.

These sessions are spearheaded by Salesforce experts who are employed in superior roles at leading companies worldwide. The chances of benefitting from their hands-on experience and knowledge are five times higher since these sessions allow a great deal of direct interaction as well as separate Q and A rounds that immediately address concerns on new and advanced Salesforce skills.

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