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The Right Way to Email Your Professional Resume to a Future Employer (Subject Line Examples Included)

The Right Way to Email Your Professional Resume to a Future Employer (Subject Line Examples Included)

Gone are those days when printed copies of neatly typed professional resumes piled up high on the recruiters’ desks, only to be heartlessly shredded into the nearest landfill as soon as a job position was filled. Now is the internet age when digital resumes get mercilessly filtered and spammed even before it reaches its true destination - the recruiters’ “filled to the brim” Inbox. 

Well, you cannot really blame the recruiter or the spam filter because both are programmed to eliminate what looks irrelevant. So, the only way your email can pass through without a scratch and show up in the recruiter’s Inbox is to look like the most important, relevant piece of information that will benefit the recruiter. And it all begins with the subject line of your email.


Good Subject Lines to Email Your Professional Resume

Does the subject line matter? I would nod and shout a resounding “YES”. 

The subject line is far more important than the email body because it is the only component that the recipient (in this context, the recruiter) sees when they receive your email in their Inbox. What the recruiter sees and subsequently reads in the subject line decides the fate of your email and resume. Some of the best subject lines use words that arouse interest and tempt the recipient to be curious about the sender as well as email content.

A good subject line also makes sure your email does not end up in spam. This is why it is important not to use “spammers” in the subject line. Spammers include punctuations – especially exclamation marks, dollar signs etcetera – as well as hackneyed words used in sale pitches, such as “FREE”, “Great Offer”, “Invest”, “Increased Returns” and so forth.

These words automatically trigger the spam filters, sending your email straight to the recruiters’ spam folder.

Examples of Good Subject Lines to Email Your Professional Resume

At its best, the subject line should be clear and professional, without exceeding seven words. In fact, just two or three meaningful words in the subject line are all you need to intrigue the recruiter. Here are a few examples of good subject lines that you may use while sending across your professional resume along with a well-written cover letter.

Example 1: This is a simple one stating the years of experience, the field of interest and ambition. Make sure numbers are written as words and no apostrophes or symbols are used

Ten Years of Experience in Technology and Aiming Higher

Example 2: Here is a subject line that will work for a recent tech graduate

Eager to Learn and Contribute as a Tech Professional

Example 3: Go for this subject line if you are super confident of your skillset because with this subject line, you are bound to get a screening call

The World Needs Creativity and I Could Help

Example 4: Here is another simple and crisp subject line you could use to come off as an expert with the desire to make the world a better place – a trait most employers love to see in their hires

Providing Tech Expertise to Shape the Future

Example 5: Another simple yet powerful line that might just lure hiring managers who have great pride in the company they work for

Seeking Professional Growth at a Great Workplace

Example 6: In some instances, the job posting specifies what exactly should be mentioned in the subject line, which is usually the keyword ‘Job Application’ along with the role and a Job code. Stick to the specified format because that is how the company will be sorting out the job applications from the deluge of irrelevant incoming mails. 

Job Application for Software Engineer, Code SF0121

Example 7: Here is a subject line you could make good use of if you have been referred by someone in the organization you are applying at

Referred by Mr. Fox, ABC Ltd. for Data Analyst Position

Don’t Forget to Attach Your Professional Resume

Once you are all set with a powerful subject line and a professional cover letter, make sure you attach your professional resume before you shoot off that email to your future employer. Though it may sound silly, many applicants who get all excited to prove their mettle, do forget about the resume. 

One out of ten applicants who forget to attach their professional resume do sometimes get a revert from the recruiter simply stating: “Attachment missing”. But this revert is only due to an exceptionally good subject line and email content that made the recruiter sit up, take notice and want to know more about the applicant. 

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