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iOS Developer Resume Writing Guide

iOS Developer Resume Writing Guide

iOS Developers are in huge demand these days and shall continue to be for the next couple of years. This is good news for those of you who are carving their niche in the app development sector. However, since the job opportunities are manifold, so is the competition.


A well-crafted iOS Developer resume comes in really handy when you want to introduce yourself to a hiring manager, share your skillset and ultimately land that interview you had always had your eyes on. To start with, you could also begin by selecting the apt resume template and reaching out to HiCounselor for a second opinion on how to customize or highlight your skills as an iOS Developer. 

Showcase Your Technical Skills

While seeking out the best iOS developers they can get their hands on, hiring managers almost always look at the technical capabilities in an iOS Developer’s resume. Knowledge in programming languages such as Swift, Objective-C as well as an in-depth understanding of various APIs, iOS design guidelines, networking and data frameworks are of utmost importance. So, here is what you need to do to make your iOS Developer resume stand out.

1. Make sure your resume matches the Job Description

Hiring managers are very particular about the job descriptions they mention since it is specifically designed to fill a certain development void in the organization. Quite obviously, hiring managers would be keen on zeroing in on an iOS Developer who has the appropriate skill set mentioned in the job description.

Here is what you can do as an applicant for the role of an iOS Developer. Make sure your resume stands out by adding your experience and technical skills in such a way that it perfectly matches the job description. Don’t forget to mention that you’re familiar with the same technologies used by the company and their development team as this will increase your chances of landing an interview.

2. Showcase your achievements 

One of the best ways to make a great first impression and prove your mettle as a competent iOS developer is by mentioning your previous experience as well as the projects you have undertaken, in your resume. 

Don’t hesitate to include technical details as well. Include an array of responsibilities and achievements in each role you had donned. Specifically mention particulars where you played an integral role in increasing application development efficiencies, identifying bottlenecks in the process or reducing the code needed for a project. Ensure to use concrete data while describing your work experience in detail as this will quantify the success of your work and further demonstrate that you know your job inside out. 

3. Include key sections in the iOS Developer Resume 

Basically, you need to include the following sections in your iOS Developer resume:

  • Contact Information: Here is where you provide your basic personal information, making it easier for hiring managers to contact you for an initial interview.

  • Link to your GitHub account: A nice way to showcase your coding abilities is to set up a GitHub account and provide links to the works that you are really proud of.

  • Resume Summary: This is the foremost section that any hiring manager takes a long look at first. You might as well ensure the resume summary in your iOS Developer resume is informative, impactful as well as engaging.

  • Work Experience: Once you have hooked the hiring manager’s attention with your well-written resume summary, you need to make sure the work experience section gives them enough reasons to contact you for an interview. Impress recruiters and close the deal by mentioning the positions you have held at each organization and then adding bullet points to explain your responsibilities and achievements. 

  • Technical Skills: Include an interesting mix of programming languages, UX skills, development frameworks and APIs as well as any front-end and back-end experience you may possess. Make sure these keywords are mentioned in your iOS Developer resume: Swift, UIKit Framework, Xcode, CocoaPods, Cocoa Touch, Git version control, iOS SDK, MVC, MySQL, Objective-C, Swift Package Manager, Agile and Scrum methodologies, RESTful APIs, SQLite, Javascript, jQuery, and JSON.

Experts at HiCounselor always insist that the best way to land a job interview as an iOS Developer is to have a well-formatted resume that highlights the relevant skills and demonstrates achievements. However, do keep in mind that hiring managers will be reviewing hundreds of resumes. While a great resume will get you a job interview, how you answer the questions posed by hiring managers will ultimately determine if you land your dream job.

If you need personalized assistance in landing an interview and finally excelling at the different interview levels, HiCounselor can help you get started on the right track.

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