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Front-end Developer Resume Guide for 2022

Front-end Developer Resume Guide for 2022

Front-end developers are web developers who focus on the front-end (user interface) of a website. They are the ones who create the apps and websites you use every day. They anticipate what the user will need and how they will retrieve it. With this knowledge, they program seamless user experiences from start to finish. 

Front-end developers are technical and creative artists that work with a variety of teams including analysts, UI/UX designers and software engineers. They design and develop web applications as well as websites using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript. These technologies can either run on the Open Web Platform or serve as input for compilation in non-web platform environments such as React Native.

What is Front-end Web Development?

Front-end Web Development is the practice and process of transforming raw data into a graphical user interface using a combination HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This allows users to view and interact with the data. Front-end Development can also be called client-side development. Front-end Development is now possible with the help of many platforms and tools, such as TypeScript, Magento, Git Extensions and WordPress.

Front-end Development is the most challenging aspect of the job. The tools and techniques that are used to design and build a website's front-end keep changing and evolving. Front-end Developers need to be able to learn new technologies and tools in order to stay current.

Responsibilities of a Front-end Developer 

  • To plan and design web pages' structure and design.

  • To create features for websites that enhance user experience.

  • To make design decisions based on user experience.

  • To implement design for mobile sites.

  • Mobile-friendly web design

  • To develop reusable code for future use.

  • Software workflow supervision using project management tools (example: GitHub) or task runners (example: Grunt, Gulp).

  • Optimize web pages to maximize speed and increase their scalability.

  • Websites can be tested during development for usability and bug fixing.

  • Verify that your website front-end is clean of bugs and errors.

  • Supervise the production and maintenance of web applications and user interfaces.

Resume for a Front-end Developer 

A resume for a front-end developer is a customized document that contains the important information your employer requires. This information will help a recruiter make a decision about your candidacy. When creating your resume for a senior front-end developer or front-end developer, it is important to consider the preferences of your recruiter. 

Only a top-quality front-end web developer resume will get you past the recruiters to make it to the shortlist. That’s not all. You also need to get past the Applicant Tracking System, (ATS) that is used by most recruiters to filter out resumes they find desirable. Keywords are what ATS does. The ATS scans a resume looking for keywords specific to the job and then parses the resumes that match these keywords.

When you are writing your resume, make sure to consider the requirements of the ATS. Of course, if you need personalized assistance in building your Resume Summary, HiCounselor can help you get started on the right track. Click on the link below for unlimited access to HiCounselor’s Resume Builder where you can accelerate your employment search and make use of pre-written examples to pep up your Resume Summary. 

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Tips for Front-end Developer Resumes

Front-end development is a combination of the art and science of programming and design. Good front-end developers can collaborate and translate a technical wireframe to a visually appealing experience. A stellar resume for a front-end developer will show your technical skills and demonstrate your ability to collaborate with other teams to create a seamless app or website. Hiring managers will want to see proof of these skills in your work history and the hard skills required for the job.

Skills Required for Front-end Developers

  • Solid knowledge of the core design principles

  • Solid knowledge of SEO principles

  • Great understanding of server-side CSS

  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery

  • Experience in using graphic design software (eg. Adobe Illustrator)

  • Expertise in designing responsive and adaptive websites

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Great problem-solving skills

Add a Section on Projects

This section is especially helpful for students at entry-level or career changers. You can also add a section on Projects if you don't have any work experience. This is where you can discuss independent or freelance projects/apps that you created. 

You may have created a site for yourself or an app to help a friend with their business idea. You can also use projects you have created for an imaginary client but just be sure to describe the context and customer you were designing/coding for. You can link to your Github profile online to show off more of what you do. You can link your Github profile, but make sure it is active and has projects you are proud of. A completely empty or inactive Github account is the worst thing for recruiters, especially if they are looking for passionate front-end developers.

Include Action Verbs 

  • Front-end developers are skilled at combining technical skills with beautiful design. They work in a variety of departments to create a dynamic and seamless website. These skills should be highlighted through your action verbs. For example, you can use words such as "collaborated" or "developed" to highlight your teamwork skills.

  • Avoid using generic verbs. They can cause more harm than good on your resume. Strong and powerful verbs should be used to complement your front-end developer skills.

  • Don't overuse a single action verb. Use a different action verb for every bullet point. Be creative.

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