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Back-end Developer Resume Guide for 2022

Back-end Developer Resume Guide for 2022

Back-end developers are the ones who are responsible for website design, scripting languages and databases. They create the logic that websites and web apps work on. They are also responsible for cloud computing, API integration, security configurations as well as content management system maintenance and deployment. 

For those of you who are looking for opportunities in US software companies as a back-end developer, a strong resume will definitely work as a powerful tool to make that first great impression. This article has been penned to provide you with the perfect guideline on how best to build your resume and showcase your skills as a Back-end Developer. 

Best Resume for a Back-end Developer

Your resume is often used by job recruiters to get that first impression of an applicant. You can improve your chances of getting hired by highlighting your skills. You can download basic resume templates or use popular word processors to access them. You can also begin by selecting the apt resume template and reaching out to HiCounselor for a second opinion on how to customize or highlight your skills as a Back-end Developer. 

Take a look at the guide we have put together that will help you get started to create the best resume ever for a Back-end Developer.

Add a Great “About Me” Section

A perfect introduction is your resume’s 'About Me’ section and it’s the best way to attract recruiters' attention. It can make all the difference to have a well-written bio that opens your back-end developer resume. This section should be added right after your contact information and name. Although it may seem like basic advice, this section can make a significant difference in your chances of success. Don't forget to include keywords that relate to your skills when writing your resume. Include a brief summary of any previous jobs or projects as a back-end developer. This will make your CV more appealing and increase your chances of being selected.

Win Hearts by Telling a Story

Your back-end developer resume should be written like a story. Take the recruiter along on a journey through your professional history. Your professional achievements will help you get more hiring managers to look at you as a professional. If you want to create the perfect resume for 2022 and get the best job opportunities, share your story as a professional. People love to read about inspirational journeys.

Start with a Powerful Headline

Before you get into the details of your skills and experience, it is important that you include a headline that highlights your value. A headline that conveys your value will include details such as your designation and work experience. For example, "Back-end developer with more than 4 years of experience." Such a great headline will get recruiters interested in your application for a job as a back-end developer.

Pick the Right Resume Format

According to current trends, the most popular format for writing resumes is reverse chronology. This format starts with the most recent details about employment and then moves to the past. It serves its purpose but you can also use a different approach. You can, for example, prepare your resume as a back-end developer using the functional format. It highlights your technical skills and makes a faster impact. You can also use a combination approach. This will highlight your skills and experience with equal importance. You can begin by selecting the apt resume template and reaching out to HiCounselor for a second opinion on how to customize or highlight your skills as a Business Intelligence professional.

Timeline Your Professional Journey 

This could be the heart of your resume. Be sure to include your most important achievements as well as how they shaped you and helped you grow. Don't hesitate to include references that support your value or how you reached your seniority.

Don’t Forget Your Skillset

This section is a place to highlight your best skills as a back-end developer. You can highlight your core skills and arrange them in a way that is most appropriate for the job you are applying for. Write a few words about the skills that will help employers achieve their business goals. Your skillset is your biggest USP. Splitting your skillset can be done as well. You can use the primary section to list your core specializations and the second section for communicating essential skills. This will help recruiters to understand your strengths and knowledge in order to hire you for back-end development jobs. 

This is a list of the skills recruiters will be looking for in back-end developer resumes.

Primary Skills 

  • Database and cache

  • Server knowledge

  • API (REST and SOAP)

  • Version control

  • Python

  • Debugging

  • SQL

  • Wireframing

  • Git

  • JavaScript

Secondary skills

  • UI/UX design

  • Visual editing

  • Java

  • PHP

  • HTML

  • CSS

Share Your Education Background 

Include information about your education in your resume as a back-end developer. Name the institutes where you have studied along with your grades. It would also be helpful to include details about any other certifications that you have. Tabular formatting makes it easy for recruiters to understand your educational history.

Use Numbers to Your Advantage

When used correctly, numbers can have a powerful impact and help you secure the best jobs as a back-end developer. Concentrate on points like "How much?" and "How many?" Include these two words in your resume as a back-end developer. Don't be afraid to include personal accomplishments and side projects that will increase your skill level. Positive experiences can increase your chances of getting the job. Your resume should not be too long. It should be concise and specific to the job description, highlighting the most important takeaways.

Keywords and Grammar Count As Well

Use appropriate grammar and keywords when writing a resume for a back-end programmer position. To increase your chances of getting hired, include relevant keywords in the headline, subheadings and body. Keywords can also be used to hack resume sorting software algorithms and make you stand out as one of the top applicants.

Keywords such as the following can be used to add value to your resume.

  • Debugging

  • Programming Diagnosis

  • Implementing Updating

  • Communicating

  • Integration

  • Migration

  • Ideate

  • Troubleshooting

  • Logic Development

  • Documentation

Add a video profile

Although it may seem like a lot of work, this will make you stand out. It should be no more than a minute long. This time can be used to summarize your expertise and skills. Tell the viewer what makes you different from the rest.

Experts at HiCounselor always insist that the best way to land a job interview as a back-end web developer is to have a well-formatted resume that highlights the relevant skills and demonstrates achievements. However, do keep in mind that hiring managers will be reviewing hundreds of resumes. While a great resume will get you a job interview, how you answer the questions posed by hiring managers will ultimately determine if you land your dream job. If you need personalized assistance in landing an interview and finally excelling at the different interview levels, HiCounselor can help you get started on the right track.

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