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Add Personality to Your Resume with a Professional Cover Letter (Short & Long Cover Letter Examples for Job Seekers in 2021)

Add Personality to Your Resume with a Professional Cover Letter (Short & Long Cover Letter Examples for Job Seekers in 2021)

If personality is a fair adornment for an individual, then a well-written cover letter is the greatest adornment of a professional resume. 

Any recruiter or hiring manager would vouch that a professional resume does a pretty good job outlining the applicant’s work history, qualifications and skills. However, it is the professional cover letter that initiates the conversation. In the contemporary hiring scenario, some tech companies have shunned the need for a cover letter, brushing it aside as an irrelevant determinant of an applicant’s competency. But there are still several others who do appreciate seeing a cover letter escorting a professional resume. 

The popularity of the cover letter arose way back in the 1930s when it was valued as an informative document that interestingly described and revealed the most relevant content of any accompanying data. Later in the 50s, the cover letter walked into the employment scenario when a classified advertisement specifically mentioned that job applicants submit an appropriate cover letter along with their resume. Like wildfire, the cover letter hysteria spread with innumerable books being published on the art of writing effective cover letters. However, with the dawn of the digital age, the frenzy for cover letters dwindled for a while only to make a major comeback in the post-pandemic age of virtual hiring. 

The Purpose of a Professional Cover Letter

The true purpose of a professional cover letter is to make the first move and strike an instant rapport with the recruiter, giving the latter a real good reason to pause and glance at an applicant’s resume.

Much like a professional handshake – with which most job interviews began in the pre-Covid era – the warmth of a good cover letter speaks volumes about the applicant’s enthusiasm and confidence in taking up a potential job role. This warmth is enough to make a recruiter wonder if an applicant may be a good fit for the role.

When Should a Professional Cover Letter Accompany Your Job Application?

Let’s get one thing straight: failing to include a cover letter along with your resume is not going to disqualify you. But who knows, including a good one might set your resume apart from the growing pile of applications.

Unless specified otherwise, it is always a good idea to include a well-written cover letter along with your professional resume. Some job portals mention that a professional cover letter is optional. In such cases, you rather not waste your time and that of the recruiter. However, if you are directly contacting the human resource team following a tip-off, then you MUST, at any cost, include a professional cover letter. 

A Powerful Way to Begin a Professional Cover Letter

I have seen cover letters written in lifeless monosyllables, totally deprived of a personality. See an example below that caught my attention but never my interest to go forward with the applicant.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Job Application for Senior Analyst - Resume


Best regards,

T.S. Jr.

The aforementioned cover letter worked against the applicant and slaughtered every chance the latter could have had in at least getting a screening call from human resources. You are better off not sending such a lackluster cover letter than come across as an uninterested job-seeker reluctant to engage in meaningful discourse.

The most powerful way to begin a professional cover letter is by expressing your sincere appreciation for the organization you are applying for. Here is an example that is sure to get your resume a longer glance. 

This is in response to your ongoing commitment in hiring professionals.

Drift away from the rather predictable line “I am excited to hear about the opening for XYZ at your organization”. Not only is it overused but it comes across as a rather self-seeking statement. Every organization wants to hear about how great they are and how you, as a professional, can make the company scale at greater heights. 

Short Cover Letter Example (Ideal for a Data Science Professional)

The ideal length of a cover letter is anywhere between three to five paragraphs of two sentences each. Here is an example of a short cover letter that would be quite perfect for a Data Science professional. You begin this cover letter by expressing your appreciation for the organization and quickly moving forward to what you are passionate about. Just make sure your passion complements the job role the company advertised for.

Dear Ms George,

This is in response to your ongoing commitment in hiring professionals.

I am basically a Data Analyst and my area of expertise lies in Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Data Visualization

I began my career with XYZ as a Trainee following graduation in at . My passion for data and the unique analytical skills I am blessed with, landed me in the role of . 

A crisp, succinct resume highlighting my best features is attached herewith for your perusal. If found to be good enough for the job role you have in mind, I would be glad to get in touch with you for an interview.

Awaiting your positive response,

Best regards,



Long Cover Letter Example (Ideal for Post Covid Job Applications)

Here is another example of a cover letter that is longer and more conversational so as to strike an emotional rapport with the recruiter. The tone is confident and enthusiastic without being too eager to get a job. Or, any job. This cover letter begins with a sincere concern for the recruiter’s well-being and smoothly moves on to highlight the applicant’s areas of expertise in a subtle manner.

Dear Ms George,

Before I go any further, a word of concern about your well-being is important for me. Hope you are feeling upbeat during these uncertain, challenging times. I wish you good health and peace of mind in the days ahead!

Our world is being challenged and everything is changing around us. Technology too, is changing. And so is the need to drastically adapt and improve the ultimate customer experience through creativity and innovation.

Your time is valuable and I will not waste it. If you feel your organization would benefit from the experience of a software professional with expertise in , I would be pleased to share how my experience can help in a million ways. My recent resume is attached herewith for your quick perusal.

Please find my area of expertise bulleted below:

  • ………………………….

  • …………………………

  • ………………………..

Together, we will figure out a mutually rewarding path that makes sure you deliver the most memorable experience for your customer. 

Till then, stay safe. Stay connected.

Best regards,

Best regards,



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