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How to Become a Data Analyst in 2022

How to Become a Data Analyst in 2022

Data is everywhere now and is used by all companies to help them make smarter decisions. The rising hiring trends for Data Analysts over the past few years have shown the importance of this role. If you’re wondering how to get started on this career path, HiCounselor has listed some things you should do to become a Data Analyst in 2022. If you need more help shaping your career, contact us and have a chat with one of our expert mentors!

Understand the Role

To be good at any given role, you have to know what it takes to succeed in it. The main job of a Data Analyst involves analyzing raw data to draw insights and recommend appropriate actions. You might also develop and maintain databases, collaborate with stakeholders, and collect and organize raw data from internal and external sources. If you want to become a Data Analyst in 2022, you should be able to do the aforementioned tasks with some degree of ease. 

Work on Certifications

Data Analysts use a number of tools to do their jobs. Some of these are Google Analytics, Jupyter Notebook, AWS, Tableau, SQL, Microsoft Excel, etc. They also know programming languages, querying languages, machine learning, data cleaning & mining, data warehousing, and more. To successfully become a Data Analyst in 2022, it’s a good idea to get certified in some of these. It’s also one way to fluff up your resume and make it more impressive to hiring managers. 

Understand the Market

Several industries were hit hard and impacted negatively by the pandemic. Thankfully for this sector, people still generate a lot of data that companies want to understand. By 2025, it is estimated that the Big Data market will be worth US$229.4 billion. The World Economic Forum recognized Data and AI as high-growth emerging professions with a growth rate of 41% per year. All of this means that becoming a Data Analyst in 2022 is a pretty safe bet. 

Research the Salaries

Obviously, different companies and different levels will provide different compensations. Before you start looking for jobs, make sure you understand what kind of salary you can expect. This way you’ll know what to quote when you’re asked the inevitable question. According to some current statistics, junior roles can pay US$55,000 per year, while senior roles can pay US$98,000 annually. Understanding the compensation will smoothen the task of becoming a Data Analyst in 2022. 

Be OK With Remote Work

One of the ways the pandemic has affected the corporate world is by making more jobs remote. This includes the IT sector. If you want to become a Data Analyst in 2022, you should be ready to work remotely either full-time or part-time. Show employers that you can work on your own and meet deadlines without micromanagement. Also be ready to be available in chats and answer emails quickly so everyone working with you can get on with their part of the job. 

Stand Out

When you start applying for jobs to become a Data Analyst in 2022, try to stand out to prospective employers. Whether that means sprucing up your resume, highlighting skills that give you an edge, showcasing projects, etc. You can make being entry-level an advantage and you can make a career switch an advantage if you know how to market yourself. Take the time to understand each job’s needs so you can market yourself better to the recruiters during an interview. 

Practice Interviews

One of the best reasons to work with career accelerators like HiCounselor is that we help you prepare for industry interviews. These can be challenging even for extroverted people since an interview is a very different social setting. You can also read up on virtual interview tips here and face-to-face interview tips here. Being proactive about this will help you become a Data Analyst in 2022 because interviews can really make or break the deal. Practice so you can put your best foot forward. 

We hope this guide helps you become a Data Analyst in 2022! If you need more help with your job search, you can get in touch with us at HiCounselor. Our job search program looks for the right roles for you while our mentors help shape your resume and prep you for interviews. And the best part is: you only pay us once we get you a job! Contact us to find out more.

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