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8 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get With A Certificate

8 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get With A Certificate

Not everyone wants to go to college or can afford to go to college. Let’s face it, starting off your career with hefty tuition debt isn’t a fun prospect for many. If you don’t want to pursue or don’t have a college degree, it doesn’t mean you can’t earn well. There are plenty of high-paying jobs you can get with a certificate.

Since the job market is our forte, at HiCounselor we know that even without college degrees, skilled people can usually find gainful employment. You can check out 8 high-paying jobs you can get with a certificate below. If you need some help finding a well-paying job, contact us and speak with one of our helpful experts!  

1. Industrial Engineering Technician

Projected Growth (2019-2029): 1%

Median Salary: US$57,320

If you like the idea of reviewing and improving operating methods at manufacturing plants or other industrial sites, you can consider becoming an Industrial Engineering Technician. These professionals are tasked with making the operations run more smoothly. You can get this high-paying job with either an associate degree or a technical certificate. 

2. Web Developer

Projected Growth (2019-2029): 8%

Median Salary: US$77,200

Hired to mainly create websites, Web Developers also maintain the site. They review and boost its speed, performance, and capacity. Web Developers are hired by diverse companies, like marketing agencies and government agencies, or are even self-employed. You can get this high-paying job with a certificate or an associate degree.  

3. Architectural Drafter

Projected Growth (2019-2029): -2%

Median Salary: US$57,960

This high-paying job you can get with a certificate can be yours if you can create drawings of the structural features of a building. Drafters are also employed to make maps of civil engineering projects, like roads and bridges. They utilize software for their tasks and usually have certifications in CADD, mechanical drawing, engineering, etc. 

4. HVACR Technician

Projected Growth (2019-2029): 4%

Median Salary: US$50,590

HVACR technician is one high-paying job you can easily get with a certificate. Most professionals in this field complete a program from a technical/trade school or community college within a year. HVACR Technicians work on the heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems you find across homes, offices, hospitals, labs, etc. 

5. Court Reporter

Projected Growth (2019-2029): 9%

Median Salary: US$61,660

A Court Reporter is a high paying job you can get with a certificate in court reporting from either a technical school or community college. It’s the job of a Court Reporter to transcribe all legal matters taking place in a courtroom, like trials, hearings, and legislative meetings. These documents are used by judges, lawyers, defendants, jury members, etc.

6. Service Technician

Projected Growth (2019-2029): =

Median Salary: US$ 53,370

As a Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Mechanic (or Service Technician), you’ll fix machines and vehicles used for heavy-duty work. This includes farm and construction equipment as well as trains. These workers often complete certificate programs in heavy equipment mechanics and diesel technology. 

7. Plumber

Projected Growth (2019-2029): 4%

Median Salary: US$56,330

A skilled and high-paying job you can get with a certificate is a Plumber or Pipefitter. These specialists fit and repair pipes in various buildings, like homes, offices, malls, etc. Most of them either have some years of apprenticeship or complete a certificate program. Some American states require them to have a license to be able to operate.  

8. Building Inspector

Projected Growth (2019-2029): 3%

Median Salary: US$62,860

Another high-paying job you can get with a certificate is a Building Inspector. These workers inspect various buildings and even construction sites to ensure all codes are met and regulations are followed. Many Building Inspectors have associate degrees or certificates. They are usually employed by a city, county, or township. 

We hope this list of 8 high-paying jobs you can get with a certificate has sparked some ideas! There are, of course, many other roles that you could take on. If you’d like some help navigating the job search maze, get in touch with us at HiCounselor and one of our mentors will gladly work with you!

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