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8 Great Jobs That Can Be Done From Home

8 Great Jobs That Can Be Done From Home

The pandemic has changed the corporate landscape. More employees are choosing to work from home now than ever before. While some industries can’t shift to a WFH model, others are refusing to keep up with the changing times. All is not lost, however, as there are still many great jobs that can be done from home.

It’s our job at HiCounselor to help you find the most suitable roles. If you want a WFH role, go through this list of 8 great jobs that can be done from home. If you’d like more personalized help in finding a good job, contact us and speak to one of our helpful mentors. 

1. Website Tester

One great job that can be done from home is a website tester. This role involves going through websites or web applications to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Testing is done for different devices like cell phones, desktops, tracking devices, etc. You then give your feedback about the usability and engagement level you had. Being a website tester can earn you around $25 an hour. 

2. Transcriptionist

Many industries, like legal and medical, make notes by recording audio. They then need transcriptionists to translate that audio into text. You have to be familiar with some of the legal and medical jargon to ensure you transcribe the notes properly. This is a convenient job that can be done from home with a little know-how. Being a transcriptionist can earn you from $13 to $20 per hour depending on your skill level. 

3. SEO Writer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help a company reach and stay on the first page of Google results. No wonder it’s an in-demand skill nowadays. You must be familiar with Google Analytics, keywords, and best and worst practices. A short-term course can get you certified and you can earn between $13 to $27 per hour. This is a great job that can be done from home, especially if you have some writing skills. 

4. Customer Care Rep

This is one of the easiest jobs to break into when you’re looking for WFH options. As a customer care representative, you solve client problems, answer questions, and provide assistance. The downside of this role is that you have strict shift timings so you can’t do the work whenever you feel like it. This great job that can be done from home can help you earn anywhere from $12 per hour to $15 per hour. 

5. Online Teacher

If you have the qualifications, you can teach people online. There’s a wide variety of choices in this field. For example, you can teach kindergarten to college-level classes. You can teach multiple students or just have one-on-one sessions. To get this great job that can be done from home, you should have a teaching degree, or expertise in a subject, or a desired skill (like a foreign language). You can earn from $25 to $150 per hour. 

6. Proofreader 

It’s a proofreader’s job to ensure that whatever is being published is error-free. You need to have a good grasp of the language and have an eye for detail to be good in this role. Proofreaders are hired by publishing houses, ad agencies, PR firms, individual writers, etc. This great job that can be done from home can earn you around $18 per hour. There’s plenty of flexibility in this role; you just have to meet a given deadline. 

7. Virtual Assistant

As the name itself suggests, this is a great job that can be done from home. As a virtual assistant, you schedule appointments, maintain calendars, make schedules, make invoices, and even conduct the odd bit of research. You can earn around $15 per hour in this role. However, if you have PR or social media skills, you can make around $20 hourly. This role allows you to take on multiple clients at a time. 

8. Survey Taker

You’ve probably come across this job role during your social media scrolling. There are multiple companies that pay people to take surveys and provide their honest feedback about their products. You could end up giving you opinions about films, games, products, etc. To get this great job that can be done from home, you can sign up with research companies. You can earn between $1 to $20 for each survey. 

These are just a few great jobs that can be done from home. If you have the skills, nearly any job can be done from home, like therapist, coder, web developer, etc. We know the job market can be overwhelming when you’re going at it alone. If you’d like some assistance, contact HiCounselor and let us help you get the right job. The best part about us is we only accept payment after we find you a job!

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