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7 Unbelievably Bad Pieces of Job Search Advice

7 Unbelievably Bad Pieces of Job Search Advice

People love to dispense advice. It doesn’t matter whether the advice actually has any merit or not, they’d like to share it with you. When it comes to the corporate world, there is no shortage of outdated advice. As a matter of fact, there’s an abundance of unbelievably bad pieces of job search advice. 

At HiCounselor we not only help people find jobs but we also prepare them for interviews. Sometimes, that preparation involves getting rid of misconceptions they picked up from others. Read on to know some unbelievably bad pieces of job search advice so you know what to ignore when you hear it. If you’d like help in finding a job, contact us and one of our mentors will gladly help you out.

1. Don’t Ask Questions

Earlier, people would worry about stepping out of line and would often not say much during an interview. However, asking questions about the company’s objectives or your role shows interest in the position. Many recruiters like to see that a candidate wants to know more and asks pertinent questions. So, ignore this bad piece of job search advice and go ahead and clear your doubts. 

2. Keep Following Up

The internet has done such a good job of connecting us all that every time a recruiter posts a job opening, they get tons of applications. This means an increased workload. This piece of bad job search advice can in fact end up annoying recruiters as they go through multiple candidates. Ask them for a deadline by which you’ll hear from them and limit yourself to just one follow up shortly before that date.  

3. Agree to Everything

This unbelievably bad piece of job search advice is, unfortunately, still doing the rounds. Acquiescing to everything a company wants is generally not in favor of the employee. Sometimes recruiters can make interviewees run around pointlessly without disclosing important information like salary or hours. You don’t have to put up with recruiters who don’t respect you right from the start.

4. Wear a Suit

This is a rather outdated piece of job search advice. The corporate world is more relaxed now, with several offices opting for casual wear. You still have to be modestly covered but it doesn’t have to be in stiff formals. This also depends on which role and sector you’re planning to join. Many recruiters are okay with more relaxed wear as they are more interested in getting to know the candidate’s skills. 

5. Accept the First Offer

This isn’t a bad piece of job search advice if the first offer you get is your dream job. However, that’s not the case for most of us. If you settle for a role or a salary that’s much lower than what you deserve, you’re lowering your market value. You’ll also lower what you can expect at your next job since most offers take your previous salary into consideration. Keep that in mind before you say yes to the first offer. 

6. Tell Them You Need the Job

This is an unbelievably bad piece of job search advice because few good things come out of desperation. Most recruiters will offer you a lower salary if they think you’re that desperate. Some hiring managers don’t want to sense desperation because it devalues the employee. Focus on what you bring to the table. Talk about your qualifications and skills to make them see you as the right fit. 

7. Stay in One Place for Years

Loyalty to the company was the name of the game decades ago. Today, it’s just an unbelievably bad piece of job search advice. You don’t have to quit your job if you like it. However, if you don’t like it much, get a better offer, or have hit a dead-end, then it’s time to move away. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been there, if it’s not going to help progress your career, the time has come to find a new job.  

We hope this list helps you ignore these unbelievably bad pieces of job search advice. If your job search isn’t going well, contact HiCounselor and let our experts work their magic for you. They’ll get your resume spruced up and prep you for interviews while they look for the right roles for you. The best part? You only pay once we’ve got you a job! Read our reviews to know what others have to say about working with us. 

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