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5 Job Benefits To Ask About In Our New Normal

5 Job Benefits To Ask About In Our New Normal

Apart from the health ramifications of the pandemic, we’ve seen it create a major shift in how we live and work. Many people changed their priorities and with that came changes in the workplace. The old perks were no longer enough to draw in good employees. So, organizations started to extend some job benefits for our new normal.

HiCounselor believes that employees should get the most apt perks and benefits if they’re expected to bring their best to work. To ensure you get what you deserve, we’ve listed some job benefits to ask about in our new normal. If you’re looking for a job or a career change, get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

1. The Work Model

A recent study of 1,500 remote workers by Harvard Business School revealed a lot. Only 18% of employees want to work from the office again as compared to 70% of employers who want the same. Around 27% of employees want permanent WFH while 61% want a hybrid model. You should ask about the work model currently and what the plans are for the future. Try to get this in writing so you aren’t forced to work in a way you’re not comfortable with. 

2. Senior Care Benefits

Around 17% of the US workforce cares for a senior relative. 83% of adult children looked for new care options during the pandemic and around 89% considered switching from nursing homes to in-home care. This means having senior care benefits is important for many employees and companies should recognize that. This is one important job benefit in our new normal as companies will have to take into account their employees’ obligations. 

3. Flexible Child Care Benefits

Pre-pandemic, many organizations recognized that parents needed some support and offered on-site child care. Things have changed now, and more employees are looking for things like flexible child care benefits. Adding or expanding memberships to platforms to find and assist with child care is a great job benefit that many employees will appreciate in our new normal. Providing both maternal and paternal leaves too will help ease some tension from employees’ lives. 

4. Dress Code Standard

Once the pandemic hit, many companies stopped matching 401(k) and bonuses were reduced or scrapped. As people were hit financially, many don’t want to spend a lot of money on branded formal wear. Some companies insist on formal wear even for Zoom meetings, which is a hassle for some employees. One job benefit to consider for our new normal is a more relaxed dress code that can help save money. 

5. Mental Health Benefits

This is by far the most important job benefit in our new normal. While some companies did offer mental health benefits, they weren’t as accommodating as they need to be now. Depression, anxiety, and stress are on the rise as many people were forced to isolate themselves for almost a year and a half. Everyone wants to work for companies that care about their employees’ mental well being and provide adequate benefits.

These are just a few of the job benefits to consider in our new normal. Of course, benefits depend on how employees adapt to the new work dynamic. Activism and social awareness will go a long way in helping employees get more from companies. One thing is for sure, the pandemic has brought benefits front and center. Earlier, they were the side dish but are now part of the main course and many employees are swayed by the job benefits. It’ll be good for companies to catch up with that. 

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