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4 (Subtle) Interview Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Job Search

4 (Subtle) Interview Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Job Search

When job searching, you’re bound to make mistakes. Many job seekers make mistakes during their job search that can hold them back from finding the job they want. Even the most well-prepared and well-educated candidates could make mistakes without even realizing they did. That’s why it’s not always obvious which interview mistakes are sabotaging their efforts and which ones are causing mere frustration.

Some job seekers make the same mistakes over and over again and never learn. Others learn from their mistakes but continue to make the same errors. Here are some subtle interview mistakes that job seekers make but which can be avoided. 

1. Not preparing ahead for the interview

In terms of preparation for interviews, the majority of candidates tick off the basic steps in their pre-interview checklist that include research on the company, interview specifics, right attire and so on. But there are a few who go for interviews without any preparation. They fail to do a mock interview or forget to plan how they would be responding to a challenging question. Some even forget to download the relevant software or apps well ahead of an online/Zoom interview.

2. Not remembering for which job you had applied

If you're too eager to change careers or rushing to land the perfect job, it's easy to lose track of the specific positions and companies you had applied for. When you get the opportunity for an interview out of the blue, it is quite possible that you become so anxious that you forget which position you had applied for at that company. It's crucial to be familiar with these specifics to be able to convince the hiring manager what makes you competent for the specific job role. Unless you are aware of the role you applied for, there are few chances of you being able to explain why you are interested in the position. 

3. Repeating what’s on your resume

Sometimes, even the most qualified candidates fail miserably at interviews simply because they just repeat what has been written on their resume. The recruiter or hiring manager obviously can read your resume and if you have been called for an interview, they have gone through your precious piece of paper. When interviewers ask candidates to talk about what has been already illustrated in the resume, they are trying to gauge your communication skills. Coming up with a story that is interesting will aid you in avoiding this interview error in a variety of ways. It gives the interviewer a glimpse into your professional attitude. It gives the opportunity to demonstrate confidence as well as communication skills, clearly emphasizing your ability to focus on the essentials.

4. Not addressing all equally in group interviews

Group interviews are challenging and they could sabotage your career if you are not careful about addressing each and every member of the interview team. There have been instances where male candidates did not address female interviewers, specifically in tech-related companies. There are also those who turn all their attention to the team leader or the hiring manager in the group interview panel. This is quite disrespectful and speaks volumes about your character. Be sure to treat everyone equally. Make your answers unique for each interviewer. Take note of the person asking the question and then choose an answer that the person is able to relate to. 

These are only a few of the mistakes that could have harmed you in your search for a job. If you're on a job hunt, look for an appropriate job using HiCounselor’s Job Search tool and reach out to the experts at HiCounselor for guidance on landing the job of your dreams.

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