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Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs

Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs

Ever since the introduction of AI to the workforce, people have been terrified that it’s going to make human workers obsolete. Surely enough, we began to see AI taking over jobs and causing layoffs in some industries, like the automobile industry. This only fueled the anti-AI fire, but that might be a mistake on our part. From current trends, it seems like AI is here to create jobs rather than take over entirely.

HiCounselor is committed to helping our readers find the right career path for them. That’s why we like to keep you updated about the trends in the job market. Read on to find out why AI will create more jobs in the near future. If you’d like to get some help in getting your career going, contact us to find out how we do just that.

New Job Positions

Yes, some jobs will be made obsolete as technology gets better. According to a World Economic Forum report, around 50% of the full-time workforce of companies will be reduced over the next few years. However, it’s not all gloom and doom on the work front. People will still be needed to ensure that work goes on as it should. The tech field will still be booming because AI will create jobs for people to manage it. 

Better Sales/Marketing Strategies

One area that has seen a significant impact of AI is sales and marketing. With smart databases, we can get greater insight into customer behavior patterns. We can then strategize more effectively. While we need technology for tools like Zendesk and Salesforce, ultimately, AI will create jobs for qualified and competent people who can turn that information into actionable insights. 

Healthcare Advancements

An area that should welcome AI with open arms is the healthcare industry. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, this field can be one of the biggest winners when it comes to integrating tech into the workforce. Once AI-powered healthcare is more readily available to people, it can create nearly 1 million jobs. AI-assisted healthcare technician jobs are bound to create employment for many people. 

Secure Financial Services

The banking and finance sector is looking to AI to create systems that can identify and prevent fraud. They’re already using Machine Learning models to detect suspicious activity and monitor transaction requests. AI can help them cater to customer convenience while keeping things more secure. AI will create jobs in this sector by needing workers to design, launch, and troubleshoot these new systems. 

Reliable Robotics 

We’ve already seen a boom in this industry over the last few years. Robotics covers all kinds of industries by producing industrial robots, painting robots, FlexPickers, aerial drones, etc. Companies around the world are turning to robots for complex or repetitive tasks. This limits the need for humans being involved in hazardous tasks. It also helps AI create more jobs for robotics engineers. 

Targeted Entertainment

The entertainment industry is pivoting away from large theater gatherings to streaming services at home. AI helps companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. discover their customers’ consumption patterns. This in turn helps them recommend other media that their customers will probably like. They also invest in creating media with greater mass appeal. As they rely more on AI for their information and decisions, they’ll need AI specialists to help guide them. 

Enhanced Education

As per PricewaterhouseCoopers’ recent report, the education field will get almost 200,000 extra jobs as it shifts towards e-learning. AI will lead the way for smart content and personalized learning as it utilizes student data. Some studies expect AI application in education to increase by close to 50 percent. That means AI is going to create jobs in this sector by ensuring tech experts are needed to keep up with these changes.  

Improved Digital Assistants

We’ve got some really big companies (like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Samsung) putting billions of dollars into improving their digital assistants. More people are using Alexa, Siri, and Bixby to perform their daily tasks. As these digital assistants will be required to perform more complex tasks, they’ll need to get better at speech recognition, local services, etc. This means AI will create a large number of jobs in this sector.  

AI Facilitators

As more companies adopt AI, they’re going to need tech workers who can help them create their own AI environments and build their own virtual assistants. These systems will also help employees deliver better work without compromising on security, data control, and compliance with regulations. Many WFH concerns can be addressed with these environments. AI is going to create many jobs for AI facilitators. 

These are just a few ways in which AI is going to create more jobs. There are other industries, like gaming and automobiles, which are also poised to see greater use of AI and will need more tech workers for the same. If you’re interested in a tech career but facing trouble finding a suitable job, contact HiCounselor and have a chat with one of our friendly mentors! 

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