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Top 7 Tips for Great Job Interviews

Top 7 Tips for Great Job Interviews

It is an exhilarating moment when you land a job interview at a company you had your eye on. How well you excel in the job interview will decide if you get an offer for employment. Here are the top seven tips that you could put to good use to ace your next job interview.


1. Do Extensive Research 

The success of a job interview begins with a solid understanding of the organization, job role as well as the requirements that apply to the role. It would be great if you could also check out the LinkedIn profile of the decision-makers at the organization, including the hiring manager with whom your interview is scheduled.  The more you research the better will be your understanding of the job as well as your employer. Check out the organization’s website, as well as other materials published by the organization on social media.


2. Prepare Common Interview Questions 

Another way you can ensure success in interviews is to prepare responses to anticipated interview questions. Connect with employees who work at the organization you have an interview at and seek their advice on the interview strategies and questions that you should be prepared for. Your aim is to compose concise answers to common interview questions and create stories of success around each question that reflect your skills and capabilities. HiCounselor offers a variety of useful tools and interview prep sessions to help you ace your interview with FAANG companies. 


3. Dress for Success

Wear an outfit that is appropriate to the company's culture as well as the workplace and strive for the most professional look you can manage. It's always better to be dressed up rather than underdressed. Limit jewelry and accessories as these can be major distractors. Do not smoke or indulge in a heavy meal prior to the interview. If at all you had no other choice but grab a bite, make sure to clean your teeth and use a mouthwash.


4. Be Punctual and Prepared for Success

With the exception of an unforeseen calamity, there really should be no reason for you to not show up on time for your scheduled interview. Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment so you have ample time to settle down and perhaps complete any additional paperwork. If you arrive early, it's also an opportunity to observe the dynamic of the workplace. Make sure you bring along additional versions of your resume as well as a reference list. If you've got a portfolio of work or projects done, take these along as well. Remember to bring an assortment of pencils and a pad of paper on which you can write notes. When you arrive to work, switch off your phone. 


5. Make Good First Impressions

A general rule of thumb is to greet all you meet, right from the receptionist or parking attendant up to your hiring supervisor. Most employers will keenly observe how you interact or connect with those who are already employed at the organization you are interviewed at. Of course, it goes without saying that your offer of employment could be scuttled if it turned out to be disrespectful towards any staff member. Do keep in mind that your positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job will definitely impress not only the hiring manager but your future colleagues as well.


6. Ask Insightful Questions

Studies have proved that most hiring managers prefer to go forward with candidates who ask the right questions that are relevant to the job role they are being interviewed for. A well-prepared job-seeker will do everything possible to craft interesting questions that they may direct to the interviewee during the course of the interview. The type of questions you ask the interviewer will give a fair idea about your understanding of the organization. So, choose your questions wisely.


7. Express Gratitude

A sense of courtesy and politeness can bring about a great change while you go about giving interviews at your favorite companies. It is very important to acknowledge every executive you encounter before, during or after your scheduled interview. Thoughtfully crafted “thank you” emails within a few hours after the interview is also a universal favorite. Well, there is no guarantee that a “thank you” will guarantee you a letter of offer. But it most certainly will create a recall value in the minds of the interviewer.

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