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Futuristic Influences in Hiring Strategies

Futuristic Influences in Hiring Strategies

Futuristic trends have become present-day realities - especially in the recruitment scenario - with the single biggest trend being the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to source, assess and screen employees. So, what should recruiters expect in the coming years to effectively source talents with the right skills. Though it is highly unlikely that AI will replace the need for human recruiters, we can expect to see a major AI involvement in the overall recruitment process.

Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI, is just a technology that mimics human intellect. It is designed to learn from experiences and encoded to solve multidimensional problems – just like humans! This technology is evolving at a considerably fast pace and progressing into mathematical as well as statistical techniques, and will soon be making its presence felt in almost every single business division, framework and environment of the global industry.


AI began by performing tasks that require human intelligence and made quite an impact by reducing the intervention of humans in visual perception, multilingual translation, speech recognition and problem solving. In the blink of an eye, AI began to evolve into a system that uses human reasoning as a guide for making informed decisions and sometimes even, “think” just like humans. This evolution of AI had a lot of advantages for businesses since it helped improve customer experience.


Undoubtedly, the benefits of AI are huge. So is the breakthrough advancement AI is making to infiltrate almost every industry under the sun. Though the intention was never to design AI as an impeccable replica of a human, many fear that one day, digital machines might outsmart humans, take over civilization and dominate the world. And that day is not far, they say.


AI in the Recruitment Scenario

Complex AI systems are doing the rounds to improve our lives and empower businesses in more ways than you can imagine.


A decade ago, AI strolled along the recruitment catwalk, flashing its ability to automate manual hiring tasks. Today, it promises to source, screen and shortlist virtual portfolios far more efficiently and impartially than its human counterpart. The post pandemic scenario seems to have favored AI to a great extent, especially since recruiters had no choice but to do more with less resources. As AI would have it, innumerable reputed companies warmed up to the idea of having a chatbot striking engaging conversations with candidates and lending a helping hand in the grand scheme of global talent acquisition.


Predictive analysis has become the catchphrase now with AI helping recruiters hand-pick candidates who are more likely to excel in specific job roles and less likely to walk out, thereby deciding which ones in the talent pool (or should we say ocean) are worth the effort to be brought on board.


Now here is the part where it gets awe-inspiring: AI can predict a candidate’s personality and ensuing job suitability through a mere text chat! Pre-employment personality tests have always been in vogue and widely accepted too since it gives recruiters a better understanding of a potential hire’s emotional quotient. But with AI at the forefront, AI-based personality tests have emerged as a game changer not just for recruiters but for job seekers as well.


Undoubtedly, the next five years will witness more attempts to seamlessly integrate the best AI-powered technology intelligence into the existing recruitment process.  


Best AI Recruiting Tools to Look Out For

Recruiters around the world are witness to the cacophony of AI recruiting tools that promise to source, assess and screen applicants. Before implementing AI into your organization’s current recruitment process, check out the ones that deliver on their promise and allow room for the core recruiting team to work smarter.



It’s an AI recruiting and HR chatbot that can be used to initially screen applicants with the help of bespoke questions. Based on the responses, this tool will sort applicants on autopilot mode. XOR can also schedule interviews and answer questions on any platform (Live Chat, Email, WhatsApp and text message), assuring you 50% lower hiring costs and 33% faster time to hire.


This is a great tool for sourcing the right talent. Hiretual is designed to aggregate candidate data from all over the world wide web (close to 45 platforms) and shortlist potential top talent based on the query raised by the recruiter.  


It’s an AI-powered talent intelligence platform that has the potency to review millions of candidate profiles in a matter of seconds and provide the recruiting team with an instantaneous list of qualified job seekers.


This is an excellent sourcing tool if you are looking for technical hires in the top league. The professional background of technically qualified candidates is collected from close to 70 unique sources, sorted and aligned against the candidate criteria provided by the recruiter. AmazingHiring is an excellent tool for growing technology companies to find hidden talent since the tool provides an option to exclude certain sources such as LinkedIn.


If you are into diversity hiring, this is a great recruiting tool with chatbot, text recruiting and AI capabilities. Humanly integrates directly with the main ATS vendors and allows perfect screening of candidates keeping diversity in mind.

A few great minds opined that the rise of artificial intelligence could be the biggest existential threat for humankind. While some foresee the perils of artificial intelligence, many others especially in the recruitment scenario, are heaving a sigh of relief that AI is here to stay and help recruiters effectively source talents with the right skills.