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Top Companies & Institutes For MBA Jobs In The US

Top Companies & Institutes For MBA Jobs In The US

Many ambitious international students choose to complete their MBA degree from a reputable American institution. Graduating from one of the top schools can get you an interesting job as well as a good paycheck. As per a Graduate Management Admission Council survey, over 1,200 employers were interested in hiring graduates who did their MBA in the US.


HiCounselor is the top career accelerator for recent grads and we work with many clients looking for MBA jobs in the US. Read on to find out the lay of the land when it comes to American MBA jobs. If you’d like more assistance in building your dream career, contact us and one of our friendly experts will work with you!


Popular MBA Degrees in the US

International students have some choices when it comes to getting their MBA degree in the US. Opting for a specialized study can help a student get deeper insight into a subject, which then gives them an edge when it comes to getting recruited. Some of the MBA specializations available are MS, MA, or Master’s, though the curriculum is often quite similar.


Apart from getting an MBA degree, students can choose to pursue Master’s in Management, Accounting, Finance or Data Analytics. However, according to a 2020 survey by Corporate Recruiter, those with MBA degrees got offered higher salaries than their MA or MS counterparts.


An MBA General Management degree teaches a range of management skills and is one of the most popular degrees among international students. It can get you job roles like Business Development Director and Operations Manager. A Finance degree is becoming increasingly popular and is projected to create around 476,200 new job opportunities. Some of those jobs are titles like Financial Analyst and Accounting Manager.


An IT/Tech MBA degree focuses on how data is used by companies. This sector is set to experience a rise of around 10% as this field is becoming more important for all industries. You can land American MBA jobs like Data Analyst and Information Systems Manager with this degree. An MBA HR degree from the US trains students to plan, coordinate and direct administrative functions of a company. It can get you job roles like HR Manager and HR Generalist.


A Master’s in Marketing helps students learn how to be a research analyst and study market conditions and trends to help push a product or service. One of these MBA degrees can get you a US job like Marketing Director and Marketing Manager.


Popular MBA Job Fields in the US

The above-mentioned survey by Corporate Recruiter also revealed that the MBA job market in the US was the least affected by the pandemic, especially when compared to other fields like, HR, Sales, etc. The highest paying jobs for MBA graduates in the US were found in the Consulting, Finance, and IT fields, with median salaries of US$145,000, US$115,000, and US$115,000 respectively.


Institutes that Lead to High Paying MBA Jobs in the US

Though the QS Global MBA rankings are inclusive of other countries, you can see in the table below that the institutes that churn out the top earners are all American. Getting a degree from one of these institutes can help you land an American job with a fat paycheck.



Annual Salary

Stanford Graduate School for Business

US$ 222,543

The Wharton School

US$ 211,543

Harvard Business School

US$ 210,110

Columbia Business School

US$ 202,238

Haas School of Business

US$ 193,630

Booth School of Business

US$ 191,679

The Kellogg School of Management

US$ 186,438

Yale School of Management

US$ 177,819

UCLA Anderson School of Management

US$ 150,000

MIT Sloan School of Management

US$ 140,000


Leading Companies for MBA Jobs in the US

Though graduates have plenty of options to choose from, there’s no doubt that some firms carry more prestige and power. Of course, working for start-ups and smaller companies can let a student really dive into their work, but if you’re looking for a top-tier recruiter, there are some firms that offer US job opportunities to many MBA grads. 

A job at The Boeing Company can net you an average annual salary of US$162,000, while Amazon pays around US$154,000 yearly. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. tops both of those by paying its MBA grads US$176,000 per year. Lockheed Martin Corp and Northrop Grumman Corp pay US$149,000 and US$146,000 respectively. An MBA job at Deloitte can get you US$135,000 annually. 

Top US Companies for MBA Grads Internships

Many institutes in the US require their students to complete an internship before they can graduate. There are again many top-tier companies that are great for international students wanting MBA internships. Companies like McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Google, Amazon, and Citi provide students with the opportunity to understand the work culture, decision-making process, work experience, etc. They can also ask interns to return for full-time work if they like the work they do.

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