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Top 10 Companies For H1B Visa Jobs Sponsorships In 2022

Top 10 Companies For H1B Visa Jobs Sponsorships In 2022

Every year, thousands of workers try to get the H1B visa so they can pursue their dream of living and working in America. One of the easiest ways to get one of these is to find a company that sponsors H1B visas for its employees. With this visa, you can work in the US for three years, and can also seek an extension for three more years.

As the preferred career accelerator of recent tech grads, HiCounselor knows that many employees like the idea of working in America. To help you find reliable employment, we’ve compiled this list of the top companies that offer H1B visa sponsorships. If you need more personalized help, contact us to find out what we can do for you! To browse more companies that help with visas, use our free search tool here

1. Amazon – 4774 visas provided

Amazon is one company that’s constantly growing and adding employees to its expanding talent-pool. It’s also one of the top organizations to sponsor the H1B visa for its employees. Since the company plans to add more MBAs to its roster, we’re sure that this number is going to increase. 

2. Infosys – 3512 visas provided

This firm is a leader in providing digital services and consulting. Though its headquarters are in Bangalore, Infosys is also known to be a leading employer of MBA grads in America. The firm is known for being able to procure H1B visas for its talented employees who want to work in the US. 

3. Tata Consultancy Services – 2409 visas provided

You shouldn’t be surprised to see TCS in the top three companies that sponsor H1B employee visas. TCS is an Indian Multinational Company (MNC) that leads in app development, payment processing, software management, capacity planning and, of course, consulting. 

4. Cognizant Technology Solutions US – 2000 visas provided

A business leader in consulting, IT and outsourcing, Cognizant is also a leader in helping provide H1B sponsorships for its employees. This is a popular option for many tech grads who want to continue to live in the Us after they have completed their education at an American college. 

5. Microsoft – 1790 visas provided

Each year, Microsoft adds 200 MBA graduates to its leadership development program. This is a big attraction for many grads as it allows them to network with bigwigs and work with many teams to strategize for the company. This is one of the reasons why Microsoft is high on the list of companies that sponsor H1B visas for their employees. 

6. Google – 1682 visas provided

Of course, this tech giant hires some of the top talent graduating each year. That’s why it also helps those new international employees secure H1B visas. As the company has continued to grow and expand over the years, the number of visa sponsorships has also grown, and will most likely continue to do so. 

7. Capgemini – 1413 visas provided

This is a French multinational information technology services and consulting company that’s headquartered in Paris. Capgemini has seen a good spurt in the recent past so it’s no wonder that they’ve been adding to their talent pool and helping those employees by sponsoring H1B visas.

8. HCL America – 1303 visas provided

This company is very popular with recent MBA grads as it’s a great way for them to pursue a career in the latest technology. The range of HCL America spans diverse fields like aerospace, media, healthcare and capital markets. It’s also known to be a helpful provider of H1B visa sponsorships for its employees. 

9. IBM – 1284 visas provided

Since IBM has added some recent acquisitions to its list, the company is obviously focusing on expansion. They’re also focusing on hybrid cloud consulting and cloud strategy, container strategy & implementation, business strategy, talent management and more. With so much to do, they want top talent and are willing to sponsor H1B visas for them. 

10. Facebook – 1184 visas provided

This company is known to add talented recent MBA grads to its employee list, and their headcount has more than doubled since 2017. As Facebook expands to Instagram, WhatsApp, VR headsets and more, they’re also increasing their employee base. It isn’t surprising then that the company is a frequent sponsor of H1B visas for its employees. 

This is by no means a complete list of big companies that sponsor H1B visas. There are others like Apple and Intel that also hire international candidates in large numbers. Our free search tool has a larger list you can look through. You can also narrow down your search by region or salary. You’ll get helpful information like recruiter names and their alma maters as well. If you’d like help in securing a job in the US, contact HiCounselor and let our mentors help you out!

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