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How Well Do You Know the Company You Will Be Working For? (Tips to Research a Company Before a Job Interview)

How Well Do You Know the Company You Will Be Working For? (Tips to Research a Company Before a Job Interview)

I heard this from a corporate trainer: “When you face a job interview like you would face an opponent on the battlefield, you would want to know your opponent inside out. And whatever you learn about your opponent, makes you exactly similar to your opponent. This is more than enough for you to win the battle.” 

Of course, in no way is a recruiter an opponent to be competed against. But the trainer’s words ring true for many reasons. You win the battle when you know more about your opponents than they know about themselves. 

As an interviewee, you win and land the job when you have enough information about the company you hope to work for. And that includes vital information about the company’s vision, goals, strengths, milestones as well as future plans. You also need to be aware of the company’s failings, drawbacks and above all, their competitors. Armed with this kind of information, your thought pattern will be almost in sync with the leaders of the company you hope to work for. This will help project you as an individual whom the company would want to hire at any cost. 

The hiring process is now more than skills sorting. It delves into the cultural matching of candidates and companies. Most companies are now hiring based on a candidate’s passion for work, personality, values and of course, the spark of commonality with the hiring manager. So, what better way to present yourself as the perfect employee than to do a bit of sleuthing around to know what the company values most in its people.

Here are a few ways you can easily research a company before you attend a job interview with one of its key personnel.

Company Website

  • The first place to look for company information is on their official website. Head straight to the About Us page, gathering as much intel as you can. Understand the company’s vision, mission and core values. 

  • Make a mental note of the most frequently used power words or phrases on the About Us page for it will be those words that unite the people as well as the processes in that organization. Remember to include these words at the time of the interview and it is sure to intensify the interviewer’s interest in your candidature.

  • Glimpse through the Board of Directors or People Behind links so you know how the top brass present themselves. At the time of the interview, you too will be able to project yourself with the same demeanor, helping you gain brownie points with the hiring manager. 

  • Don’t forget to check out the Media or Press Release links on the official website because that is where you will find information on the achievements the company is proud of. Who knows, perhaps you could use some of that information at the time of the interview.

  • Finally, check out the Downloads link for newsletters, publications or videos that will clearly throw light on the company’s future plans for expansion. 

Social Media

  • A very good percentage of companies have a proactive presence on most social media pages. Go through the posts and read through the engagement in the comments section to give you a fair idea of how the company wishes to brand itself. 

  • Go one step ahead and LIKE or FOLLOW the page. Leave an interesting comment for one of the most recent posts (please avoid this if you are not sure of what to write in the Comments section).


  • Here is where you will find the team of professionals, including the hiring manager, whom you will be working with. Check out the Primary or Shared Connections at the company you have your eyes on. 

  • Dig deep on the company’s page for updates on sales, training or CSR activities. Perhaps you could bring up something during the interview to awe the interviewee. Also, keep an eye out for information on the company’s annual growth and hiring statistics.

  • Check out the key skills of the personnel employed there and compare it with the skills you are adept at. You will get a fair idea of the learning curve the company fosters within the organization.

  • Don’t miss the section on Other Companies People Viewed to gain insight on the competitors

Review Sites like Glassdoor

The information you find in review sites will give you insight into the company culture, workplace norms, leadership and interview process. There are also both positive as well as negative reviews from current and former employees that will tell you what to expect in terms of benefits. 


Finally, just google for the company you have an eye on and read through the search listings on the first five pages. You will come across newsworthy information and interviews with the leaders that will lend a perfect understanding of the company’s future plans for expansion.

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