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10 Jobs Most Likely to Get You An H-1B Visa

10 Jobs Most Likely to Get You An H-1B Visa

H-1B visas were created to help foreign workers secure jobs in the US. There are many fields which require specialized workers or degrees and technically, they all can be used to obtain a worker visa. However, there are certain job fields that are more likely to get the H-1B visa than others. We’ve listed some of them below for you. If you want to check out companies that sponsor H-1B visas, use our free search tool here

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1. Software Engineers

IT jobs are some of the most in-demand jobs for H-1B visas and Software Engineers are pretty high on that list. This role involves analyzing user needs, writing code, testing it, and then deploying it successfully. Software Engineers also perform a support role by fixing any issues that crop up with the products that a company launches. 

2. Systems Analysts

Part of the STEM field, System Analyst jobs are also high on the list of H-1B petitions. These professionals are responsible for designing computer systems and frameworks, risk mitigation planning, troubleshooting tech problems and improving the overall user experience. They are also responsible for ensuring the company has the right software. 

3. Physicians/Surgeons

Good doctors are in demand all over the world so it should come as no surprise that physicians and surgeons have an easier time obtaining an H-1B visa than other fields. In addition, the demand for medical treatment rose dramatically during the pandemic, which led USCIS to permit H-1B visa holding doctors to practice telemedicine as well. 

4. Mechanical Engineers

The employment of Mechanical Engineers is projected to see a growth of 7 percent till 2030, which means this job will be in demand in the near future and can help you get an H-1B visa. Mechanical Engineers use analysis and computer-aided design to design mechanical and thermal devices or subsystems, investigate failures, diagnose faults, and suggest solutions. 

5. Civil Engineers

The responsibilities of Civil Engineers include designing, building, and maintaining infrastructure systems, like roads, tunnels, bridges, sewage systems, etc. With the average salary of H-1B Civil Engineers being around US$85,000 annually, these are highly coveted jobs and can help you secure an H-1B visa if you have the right credentials for the job. 

6. Database Administrators

As part of the IT field, this is another in-demand job that can help you get the H-1B visa with greater ease than other roles. As a Database Administrator, you’re expected to find secure ways to organize, manage, and store data as well as help with database design and development. 

7. Architects

As an architect, you have to research, plan and oversee construction projects while taking into account aspects like zoning codes, building materials, construction procedures, etc. Architects holding H-1B visas can earn around US$60,000 per year so this is a pretty lucrative job along with being a specialty occupation that can get you an H-1B visa. 

8. Professors/Teachers

Teaching professionals like professors and researchers looking to get an H-1B visa have the added advantage of most likely being cap-exempt, which increases their chances of getting the visa. Teaching professionals of all kinds can find suitable employment in the US if they have the right degrees backing them. 

9. Investment Bankers

To be an investment banker, you have to be good at Math, issue debt and sell equity to raise capital, manage IPOs, get potential investors, help with mergers and acquisitions, analyze risks, and much more. Worker visa holders in these roles can earn around US$70,000 annually, and it’s easier to get an H-1B visa for this job at a higher level than an entry one. 

10. Scientists

This is also a part of the STEM field, so it’s a safer bet when applying for an H-1B visa. Once again, if you get a job with a university, research institute or a non-profit, you will not be subject to the visa cap and will have better odds of getting the visa. These jobs can also pay much better than other roles since they require special knowledge and certifications. 

These are a few jobs that can make it easier for you to get an H-1B visa. This arena is heavily dominated by the STEM field in general and the IT sector in particular so keep that in mind if working in the US is your dream goal. If you need help in securing the right job, get in touch with us at HiCounselor and let one of our experts guide you in the right direction!