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Top 12 Female-Dominated Job Fields

Top 12 Female-Dominated Job Fields

Initially, the workplace was a male-dominated field. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 1950 men made up more than two thirds of the national workforce. Over the years, more and more women have entered the professional field. Now there are several occupations where you’ll find more women than men hard at work! Here are just a few of them:

1. Teachers

Teaching is considered one of the noblest professions because it helps inform and shape the next generations. This field is heavily dominated by women who make up around 97.6 percent of the workforce. The projected growth for this sector is 7 percent by 2028, which is higher than the average job growth. Teachers can earn from around $ 26,000 to 56,000 annually. 

2. Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists screen patients, teach them about oral health, remove plaque and calculus, etc. It’s a pretty in-demand job  and is projected to grow by around 11 percent from 2018 to 2028. Women dominate this job field with 97.1 percent occupying dental hygienist roles. The average salary for this job is $74,000 per year and you have to be licensed by a state to legally practice. 

3. Speech Pathologists

This is a role that has seen immense growth in the recent past and is expected to see a massive 27 percent growth till 2028. Speech pathologists often work with children who have communication problems but they also work with adults who have impairments. This is a female-dominated field with 96 percent of the workforce being women. The median pay is around $77,000 each year.

4. Dental Assistants

This isn’t the same thing as a dental hygienist. Dental assistants help dentists and don’t require a license to practice. Many learn the job as they work. Women make up about 96 percent of the workforce with the average pay bring around #38,000 annually. With job growth projected at 11 percent, this is a good career option for those looking to work in a female-dominated field. 

5. Childcare Workers

Childcare workers are of many types with some jobs not requiring any educational qualification while others need degrees. The role involves taking care of children whether at home, daycare centers, creches, etc. It’s a female-dominated role with 94 percent of childcare workers being women. You can earn around $23,000 per year. The expected growth is much lower than average at 2 percent till 2028.

6. Administrative Assistants

This role isn’t limited to any one industry as administrative assistants are required in every field. Some parts of this job have become automated so there’s expected to be a bit of a decrease in job growth. The BLS projects that growth will fall by -7 percent by 2028. However, for now, this is a job role dominated by women by 94 percent. The median pay for this job is around $38,000

7. Medical Records/Health Information Technicians

You need great organizational skills to be good at maintaining records of patients’ health for various databases and registries, and also for insurance purposes. You don’t need to be highly qualified for this job which can earn you an average pay of around $40,ooo annually. Women make up 93.6 percent of the workforce and this female-dominated field is expected to see a whopping 11 percent growth by 2028.  

8. Dietitians and Nutritionists 

If you want to live a healthier life, you need to have better eating habits and overall lifestyle. Dietitians and nutritionists can help people live better. They’re employed by hospitals, nursing homes, gyms, cafeterias and even the government. Women dominate this field by 93.1 percent and can earn a median pay of $60,000 per year. Growth is projected to be 11 percent till 2028. 

9. Hair stylists and Cosmetologists 

It’s no surprise that this field is heavily dominated by women, who make up 92.1 percent of the workforce. Hair stylists and cosmetologists are often employed in salons and barbershops, as well as the advertising and movie industry. You can also cater to individual clients in their homes. The median pay for this job is $24,000 per year while the projected growth stands at 8 percent till 2028.  

10. Human Resources Roles

Another corporate role that’s heavily dominated by women is human resource specialist. According to BLS, in 2016, 72 percent of HR Managers were women. The expected growth of this field is 10 percent from 2020-2030. This role involves screening and hiring applicants, and taking care of personnel issues at the workplace. You can earn around $63,000 annually if you take up this career. 

11. Public Relations Roles

Around 60.1 percent of roles in the public relations field are occupied by women, making this a good female-dominated corporate option. Public relations specialists help people, corporations and even governments make and maintain good impressions on the general public. The projected growth for this job is 11 percent from 2020-2030, with the average pay being $62,000 each year.   

12. Counselors

At around 70.4 percent, this is another role that is female dominated. There’s a wide range of counselors so there are plenty of job opportunities. Counselors are employed by hospitals, educational institutes, rehabs and can even set up private practices. You can earn around $51,000 each year. The projected  growth ranges from 11 percent for school/college counselors to 23 percent for rehab counselors from 2020-2030.

These are just a few of the roles that are female-dominated. As women continue to break various glass ceilings, this list will continue to grow. We hope you find this information helpful if you’re wondering about your career options. For more help, contact HiCounselor and let one of our mentors guide you!