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Top 10 Behavioral Traits Recruiters Look For In Freshers

Top 10 Behavioral Traits Recruiters Look For In Freshers

When you’re a fresher looking for a job, it can be hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd. The lack of experience doesn’t have to be the end of the world though! Many top IT companies look for freshers to fill vacant positions. For these jobs, recruiters keep some personality traits in mind to help them select the right candidate. To help you ace your interview, HiCounselor has listed some of the most in-demand behavioral traits for freshers.


1. Quick Learning

Sure, you may not know the lay of the land yet, but it helps to showcase your ability to pick things up fast. To display this personality trait, you can talk about your creative pursuits, your willingness to step outside your comfort zone, your interest in learning new things, etc. In this way, you show the recruiter that you’re likely to be able to get a handle on things sooner than others. 

2. Adaptability

A key behavioral trait for freshers to possess is flexibility. Markets across the world face fluctuations and abrupt changes that need to be addressed before moving forward. It helps to let the recruiter know that you’re willing to learn new technologies as they emerge and are ready to put in some extra time at work to ensure you meet your deadlines. Another reason why recruiters look for adaptability in candidates is because these people can usually handle stress better than others. 

3. Accountability

When your resume is rather short, one way to impress the interviewer is to show that you’re the sort of job-seeker who doesn’t shrug off responsibility. Taking initiative and ownership for one’s work is a personality trait of ambitious and driven people. People who follow the idiom ‘The Buck Stops Here’ can be counted on to complete a task to the best of their ability, which is a great reason to hire someone.

4. Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter which field you’re applying for, good communication and listening skills are personality traits required in almost every job. Whether that means getting along with your colleagues, handling customers, reporting to senior management, etc., you need to be able to get the right message across. When you show the recruiter that you can both listen and respond well, they see you as a candidate who’ll most likely be easier to train and less problematic in the long run. 

5. Problem-Solving Attitude

Another behavioral trait that can help freshers secure a job is having a solution-oriented approach to problems. Throughout your working life, you’ll run into a number of issues, from external pressures to administrative problems. You should have the ability to come up with innovative solutions to ensure that the workflow isn’t interrupted and efficiency is retained. These small steps can help companies save a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.

6. Being A Team Player

As a fresher, you can highlight how you approached projects that required teamwork and how they helped you become a better team player. Odds are, you’re probably going to be working in a team even if you’re working from home. It has become all the more important to ensure everyone understands the importance of working together and getting along despite the distances. Highlight a supportive collaborator personality trait to increase your chance of getting hired. 

7. Honesty

One valuable behavioral trait that is appreciated in all candidates, no matter their experience level, is integrity. This is not a skill a company can teach its employees but more of a personal value they bring with them. Most professionals have made some errors so they appreciate those who own up to their mistakes and try to learn from them rather than someone who plays blame games. Being seen as sincere also helps foster trust and build good professional relationships with your seniors and colleagues. 

8. Optimism/Enthusiasm

Optimism is a personality trait that is greatly appreciated by most employers. Those who have a positive outlook are more open to feedback and ready to improve, which is a great trait in a fresher. Similarly, it’s good to show enthusiasm about the tasks assigned to you, as they’re going to help you hone your skills and become a more valuable professional. People with high energy levels also do well when handling crisis situations, and often serve as inspiration to others. 

9. Multitasking

Nowadays, there’s really no job that is strictly limited in nature. That’s why it is good for freshers to show recruiters that they’re good at handling several tasks at a time. Multitaskers are known for increasing efficiency, maximizing productivity and doing more in less time. This personality trait also reveals a more disciplined candidate who isn’t afraid to take on more than their job description. Most recruiters will prefer to hire someone who’ll be a good asset.

10. Punctuality

Being punctual is a behavioral trait that shows you take the job seriously and are ready to put in the required effort. There are many skilled candidates who need to be pushed to achieve their targets. Obviously, recruiters don’t want to hire such people, no matter how talented they may seem on paper. Showing that you take deadlines seriously is a way of telling the interviewer that you’re focused and determined to make a success of the job you’re taking on. 

Entry-level candidates are usually nervous about interviews because they think experience is the only way to show their skills. That’s not the case! These and other top personality traits go a long way in making a recruiter think positively of you. If you need more help in prepping for interviews, get in touch with us at HiCounselor and we’ll guide you through the entire process!