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How To Get One Of These 8 Entry-Level IT (Tech) Jobs

How To Get One Of These 8 Entry-Level IT (Tech) Jobs

If you want to find a job in the tech field, you’ll have plenty of options to go through. Jobs in the IT sector are growing at a much faster rate than any other industry across the world. Not only does this field bring job security, it also has a pretty wide range of options for you to choose from.

If you want to find a tech job but are confused about how to get started, you can read through this guide to gain some clarity. If you’d like more help finding a secure IT job, contact HiCounselor and have a chat with one of our helpful mentors!

1. Software Developer

Also known as software engineer, this role involves building systems and applications for tech devices. Software developers test and fix bugs, integrate components, write code and more. To get this IT job, you should have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or Software Engineering, have completed a certification course, or have relevant work experience. Software developer job growth is projected at 22% and their median pay is US$110,140.

2. Cloud Engineer

As a cloud engineer, you’ll be helping companies shift their data, apps and processes to the cloud. You’ll be working with cloud-based services like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. This is a pretty competitive IT job and if you have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or relevant experience, you can get your foot in through the door. Cloud engineer jobs are growing at around 27% annually and can get you a median salary of US$110,590.

3. Database Administrator

The role of a database administrator is to store, sort and secure data. The larger the company you’ll be working for, the more data you’ll be working with. Getting a Computer Science degree is a start though you can give yourself an edge by mastering a database language, like SQL. Certification courses or relevant work experience can also get you this tech job that’s set to grow at 10% each year and has a median salary of US$93,750.

4. Systems Analyst

Companies have computing systems which need to be upkept and upgraded. That’s the job of a systems analyst. This IT job involves looking for areas of improvement, as well as testing and deploying systems to help improve. You can get this job with a certification course or relevant work experience, though a Bachelor’s degree could give you an edge. This tech job is projected to grow around 7% annually with a median pay of US$90,920.

5. Systems Administrator

Most companies utilize computers to get their work done; a systems administrator installs, configures and troubleshoots all the systems in use. You should have good knowledge of software, hardware and networks to be good at this tech job. Certifications, work experience, associate degrees and even a Bachelor’s degree can help you become a systems administrator. This job is set to increase at 4% annually and has a median salary of US$84,810.

6. Cybersecurity Analyst

Since most of a company’s information is now online, an information security analyst is needed to keep it safe from hackers and competitors. Not only do these tech jobs involve putting security measures in place, you also have to address breaches quickly and educate employees about safe practices. A Bachelor’s degree or a reputable certification course is essential to land one of these jobs. They have an annual projected growth rate of 31% as well as a median pay of US$103, 590.

7. Web Developer

To showcase their services to customers, companies need efficient websites they can browse. Web developers work involves front-end, back-end and full-stack. The first builds those parts that the users interact with, the second handles server, app and databases, while the last can do both. Some companies hire with only previous HTML, CSS and JavaScript experience, while others want some certificate or degree. These IT jobs have a yearly growth rate of 8% and can give you a median pay of US$77,200.

8. Site Reliability Engineer

Simply shortened to SRE, this tech job keeps websites and apps functioning smoothly. As an SRE, you’ll be creating automated solutions for development and operational tasks. Since technology is taking over the world, this job has seen a great spurt and is projected to grow at 34% annually. It also has a high median pay of $US126,718. To get one of these IT jobs, you’ll need DevOps experience or a relevant degree, like a Computer Science degree. 

We hope this list has given you some ideas of how to get started on your career path with a tech job! If you’d like more assistance, get in touch with us at HiCounselor to find out how we can help you out! Since we only take payment after getting you a job, you don’t have to worry about paying when you’re not working!

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