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9 Tips To Choose A Career That Suits You

9 Tips To Choose A Career That Suits You

Most of us have a variety of skills and interests, so when it comes to deciding what career we want to pursue, things can get pretty confusing. Top that off with various helpful opinions and suggestions, and you’ve got a pointless pile of mush that no one wants to wade through.

At HiCounselor we know that one of the best ways to get the most out of your career is to pick one that genuinely interests you. Read on to find out more about how to choose a career that best suits you. If you need more personalized help in getting your career going, contact us and have a chat with one of our friendly experts.

1. Analyze Your Interests

You’ll be spending a big part of your life on your career, so you want it to be something that can hold your interest in the long run. This is the reason why Hiring Managers love to hear interviewees use words like “passion”; it shows a deep, abiding interest. To be successful in your career choice, you should be willing to go down the long road of learning and improving in that field.  

2. Analyze Your Skills

You will most likely have a range of interests but you’re not going to be uniformly skilled at them. When you’re trying to choose a career, think about what you’re really skilled at. The greater your level of competency, the more likely you are to have a long-lasting career in that field. Be honest with this self-assessment so you can choose the right professional path for you. 

3. Take An Aptitude Test

Even with all the above introspection, picking a career might not be immediately clear to you. Luckily, there are many aptitude tests (also called ‘career tests’) you can take to help you see the fields that would suit you best. These tests analyze your strengths and weaknesses, like and dislikes, etc. and present you with a couple of options that seem like the best fits. 

4. Identify What You Want From A Job

You need to address what you want from a job to pick a career. Of course, you want to earn money so you can keep living, but what do you need from a job apart from that? Do you want a job that lets you travel? Do you need a good healthcare plan? Do you want your work culture to be laidback or dynamic? Do you want an office that's located within a half-hour drive from your house?

5. Be Realistic

When trying to choose a career, stay within the realm of probability. Many people want to be famous actors and musicians but those careers require patience, dedication, networking, exceptional skills, and (most often) helpful family and friends who can give you financial assistance from time to time. Be realistic about what you can give to your job and what you can get from it.

6. Create A List Of Jobs

Now that you’ve narrowed down your personal criteria, you have to explore the jobs that suit you. There will probably be a number of jobs related to your skillset so make a list of those. You can do some research to see which jobs suit the skills you have. Some of these jobs might be very similar in nature while others might be drastically different. The bigger your list, the more options you have.

7. Narrow Down That List

The next step in choosing a career is narrowing down your options. You can begin by using some of the questions we mentioned in point four. Other things to consider are: what are the job requirements? What are the growth opportunities? Will you have to move to find the best openings? Will you start earning a good salary immediately or after a few years of hard work? 

8. Fill In The Gaps

Once you’ve narrowed down your career choices, you have to see what your top options require. Will you need to get additional training or degrees? Can you do that while on the job or will you need more time? Some jobs will provide training while others want you to come prepared. Make sure you fill whatever requirements are necessary and then update your resume to reflect the same.

9. Choose Internships Before Committing

Even with all the above prep work, you might not choose the right career right away. There’s nothing like real-world experience to show you whether a job is the right fit. When you opt for internships, you get a feel of what an industry is like. You can also see whether people in that field seem to be overall happy and satisfied with their careers. A lot of jobs can promise a lot but fall short on delivery. 

We hope these tips help you choose the right career for you! Things can be hard and confusing when you’re new to the job market, but you don’t have to let it beat you down. Career accelerators like HiCounselor are here to help set you on your career path so you don’t have to fumble around in the dark! Contact us to learn more about how we boost careers.