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10 Productive Habits Of Successful Students

10 Productive Habits Of Successful Students

Some students can achieve more than others with the same resources and time available. The secret to getting more done isn’t being inherently better than others. It usually involves some self-discipline in the form of actions that are repeated till they become habits. If you want to incorporate some productive habits of successful students into your daily routine, start with this list. If you need help setting on your career path, contact HiCounselor and have a chat with one of our mentors. 

1. Plan Your Day

Staying organized can help you achieve more because you’re allocating your time and attention to tasks that need to be done. Each day, make a list of the things you have to do, check your timetable, and allocate some time to the important tasks. Winging things can be fun but you’ll usually end the day realizing you missed doing some important things. 

2. Know Your Circadian Rhythm

Your body clock works on a system of sleep-wake every 24 hours. This dictates your most productive hours as well. Are you more functional the first thing in the morning or during the evenings? You can follow the productive habit of undertaking your most challenging tasks during your most efficient times. This will make it easier to finish those tasks. 

3. Be Charitable

We work better when we feel better. One way to feel better about yourself is to be of help to others. One productive habit to incorporate into your routine is to simply be kind to someone every day. You don’t have to donate money, you can donate your time, give compliments or encouragement, give up your seat on the bus, etc. 

4. Practice Deep Breathing

If you want a productive habit that can help reduce stress and increase positivity, try deep breathing exercises. You don’t need too much time or space for this one, yet it can really bring a positive change to your day. Simply take two minutes to breathe in deeply, focus only on your breathing and nothing else. You can also do this whenever you feel tense. 

5. Let Go Of Perfection

Some of us can be very hard on ourselves and expect that everything we do will meet or exceed a very high standard. That sort of mindset can actually slow you down or stop you completely. A very helpful productive habit is to stop expecting perfection from yourself and others. Know that it's okay to make mistakes and that it’s okay to ask for help if you need it.

6. Sleep Well

Popular culture depicts student life as being on the go all the time while living unhealthily. Needless to say, this can be very detrimental to those who fall for it. Your body needs adequate rest to perform its best. Studies have repeatedly shown that students who get 8 to 10 hours of sleep are usually more alert and attentive in the classroom. You didn’t know sleep could be a productive habit, did you?

7. Opt For Extra-Curriculars

Most successful students give priority to their academic pursuits but a lot of them also choose to take part in other activities on campus. Your institute will also have many extra-curricular options, like quiz, debate, musical instruments, chess, etc. Pick one of these so you can have a break from studies yet be learning something and networking with others. 

8. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Many students wake up, get dressed, and rush to class. Some might grab a snack on the way. You probably already know that breakfast is a very important meal and regularly skipping it can be harmful for you. Make eating breakfast within thirty minutes of waking up a productive habit you don’t skip. It’ll give you the energy you need to tackle your day ahead. 

9. Clear Any Doubts ASAP

If you don’t understand a new concept or topic you’ve been introduced to, make sure you clear your doubts as soon as you can. Leaving things for later usually leads to forgetting about them entirely. Ensuring they’re up to date with all subject matter is a productive habit of successful students as it leads to being prepared for pop quizzes and surprise tests. 

10. Mnemonic Devices Are Your Friends

One part of student life is being bombarded with information about various subjects. Some of it you find interesting, other bits are instantly forgettable. Using mnemonic devices to remember uninteresting and technical information is a great productive habit to instill in yourself. This helps you retain information without biting your nails down to nothing. 

These are just some of the productive habits that help students become more successful! We hope they help you improve your academic life too. If you need some help getting started with your career, contact HiCounselor to see how we can be of help. Since we only take payment after finding you a job, you don’t have to worry about payments while you’re not working. 

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