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How To Write Thank You Messages (With Examples)

How To Write Thank You Messages (With Examples)

With the passage of time, some niceties of communication have been almost discarded and are rarely ever utilized. One of these is the thank you message. Some of us may have been made to write these as children when we received gifts. Others of us have no clue how to write thank you messages.  


We know that simple gestures like thank you notes can help you build better relationships with friends, colleagues, family members and even recruiters. That’s why HiCounselor has created this guide on how to write thank you messages (with examples). If you need some help finding the right job, contact us and one of our experts will gladly work with you! 


Why Write A Thank You Message? 

When people give us something (assistance, gifts, their time, etc.), it’s good to show some appreciation. For example, even though it’s a recruiter’s job to interview you and they get paid for it, sending them a thank you note can help your candidacy. If you’re trying to get a client to sign up with you, a thank you note can make them think of you with more positivity.  


Personalize It 

If you search for ‘How to write a thank you message’, you’ll get many results with examples. It might be tempting to simply copy-paste one. However, the best thank you notes have a personal touch. Using your own style of speaking, mentioning incidents, or noting something about the other person that you really liked are all ways to make a thank you message sound more personal.  


Keep It Short 

There’s no need for your thank you note to be essay-length in size. Saying a lot with a little is a great way to approach writing a thank you message. For example, if you’re thanking an interviewer, simply mention you appreciate them sparing some time for you or thinking of you. If you’re thanking a colleague for giving you a gift, you can thank them for thinking of you and say you really like the gift. 


Use It As A Follow Up 

Sometimes we don’t manage to talk about everything we wanted to cover. You can sometimes use a thank you message to cover forgotten ground or to follow up on something. If, for example, you forgot to ask an interviewer by when you could expect to hear from them about the job, you can write your thank you message and ask by what date you can look forward to hearing from them. 


Reiterate Your Interest 

A thank you message can convey more than just gratitude and appreciation! You can also use it as a reminder to show how much you’d like to get this job or this client. You can mention you’re really looking forward to working together because you truly enjoyed talking to them. You don’t have to sing their praises but you can use your thank you message to mention how this would be a mutually beneficial association.  


Thank You for Your Consideration 

These types of thank you messages are often used when you’ve had an interview for a job or are trying to get a contract/client. You’ve just dropped your hat in the ring and are simply appreciating the opportunity to be considered for the role. 

  • I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.  

  • I’m very grateful for your consideration.  

  • Thank you for considering my application/candidacy.  

  • Thank you for your consideration and forthcoming response. 

  • Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter. 

  • Your consideration is sincerely appreciated. 


Thank You for the Job Interview 

The following thank you messages are crafted to be sent post-interview. Not only will you show the recruiter your interest, you’ll also boost your candidacy by being both polite and proactive. 

  • I appreciated getting the opportunity to meet with you and learn more about the [job title] position at [company name].  

  • I appreciated the time you and the [company name] team spent interviewing me. 

  • I appreciated your time and consideration in interviewing me for this position. 

  • I enjoyed speaking with you about the role and corporate culture at [company name]. 

  • I truly enjoyed meeting with you to discuss the [job title] opening. 

  • Thank you for speaking with me about the [job title] position at [company name]. 


Thank You for Your Help 

Sometimes our colleagues and seniors go out of their way to help us. If you’ve received some assistance at work, make sure you thank your helpers. Everyone likes to see their contribution being acknowledged, so sending out thank you messages can boost your popularity! 

  • I appreciated the effort you made to complete the project. 

  • I sincerely appreciate your flexibility and willingness to help. 

  • I want to express my personal gratitude for the effort and extra time you put in. 

  • Thank you for your help. I'm genuinely glad to have you on our team. 

  • Thank you for going above and beyond in this matter. 

  • Thank you for showing such great team spirit. 


We hope this article on how to write a thank you message will help you craft a great note! Do take the time to review and edit your note before you send it. That way, you’ll ensure a typo doesn’t ruin what you intended to convey. In a professional setting, it’s best to send a thank you message via email. Only consider sending a handwritten note if the company is very small or the relation a bit more personal.  



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