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Role of a UX Researcher

UX researcher job descriptions require the professional to understand the customer and how can he interact with the customer. The main aim of UX researcher is to define product from the viewpoint of the customer.

UX Research Claudia Natasia UX Research Lead

UX Researcher Job Description | By Brittney Reyes

As a UX researcher job description suggests, a researcher has to work with the product development team throughout the development process. To get excellent results, a UX researcher job requires both quantitative and qualitative data. Researchers must have a better understanding of what the customers want and what can be built keeping their interest in mind.

Meet Brittney Reyes -An Introduction | UX researcher

Irrespective of which career you are in and which academic background you are from, you can become a UX researcher anytime. You have to have some interest in visual designing. You can seize UX researcher job without much fuss, by just having an interest in researching. Honing these skills can play a significant role.

The Most Fun Part of Being a UX Researcher | By Brittney Reyes

Brittney Reyes, in this video, gives the positive aspects of UX Researcher’s job. What does the UX Researcher do, how does he work and how does he face from different fields has been discussed in this video. Overall, the video puts forward the perks in the UX Researcher’s job.