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What is the Difference Between a Product Manager and a UX Researcher? | By Claudia Natasia

Claudia Natassia's YouTube video primarily focuses on how the Product Manager functions. At the same time, she compares the Product Manager with that of UX Researcher and describes on what grounds they are not interchanged.

UX Research Claudia Natasia UX Research Lead

In launching the products at the market both the Product Managers and UX Researchers have active roles to play. These roles, however, may appear to be similar to the users. In reality, however, their parts despite being the same on specific grounds, are not interchangeable. Hence, we can say that UX Researcher is by no means equal to that of the product management. Having too many similarities, the overlapping of their tasks is quite common.  

When we split product development into two parts, we get two terms, i.e. user experience and product management. These two roles are entirely different from each other. User Experience (UX) Researcher primarily task is to deal with the user. On the contrary, the Product Manager is responsible for handling the business side.

There lies a significant impact of the UX Researcher on the product. The UX Researcher affects every aspect of the product when it is being built. The UX Researcher, hence,  is always involved throughout the lifecycle of the product. Most importantly, the UX Researcher has to restudy the designs made by UX designer and to record the start-to-end experience of the product launched.

The UX Researcher along with the team begins its task by conducting user research. These take place in the form of usability studies. These tests have the goal to prove that design assumptions that specified in the requirements will turn out to be kick-off during the project show. The reviews of these UX Researchers will enable them in the identification of their target audience and create personas that represent their users, to validate their design decisions throughout the product lifecycle.

Product managers are involved in organising the  UX Researchers to execute their aim. Product managers are responsible for the successful delivery of high-quality digital products, focusing on product success over the entire product lifecycle.

UX Researcher Role Vs Product Designer | By Brittney Reyes

The product designer is focused on how a product is designed; checking user flow, whatever app or website they are working on, designing visual components. UX researcher collects data from users, help drive decisions, how well visual design is built.