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Learn Product Management Essentials To Get A PM Job

Learn everything about Product Mangement from Guy Assedou who is an experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the technology space. He is skilled in building high-performance product teams, conducting market research and competitive landscape mapping, leveraging qualitative and quantitative data to inform product decisions and leading highly cross-functional teams. He is a Strong product management professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Marketing from Kellogg School of Management.

Product Management Guy Assedou Experienced Product Manager

Important Product Management Tips and Tricks for New-Comer Product Managers


What Does It Mean by Product Management?

A process that deals with bringing a new product to the market or developing an already existing product are known as product management. As soon as an idea comes up about a product and customers’ would-be reaction is accessed, it ends with a product’s evaluation success. Product management binds product development, business, marketing, and sales together. Product manager leads the product management team.


Role of a Product Manager

Product management jobs are not an easy role to play. The product manager has to take a huge responsibility.
• Every product manager needs to plan some important strategies time-to time to articulate the business value to the product development team.The product development team must understand the goal behind it.
• The product manager has the responsibility to keep checking on the timeline to implement each step that will lead to the success of the product. He/she coordinates all activities required to bring the product to market.
• Every organization looks for better ideas than their competitors. It is not an easy process to manage and also prioritize them. Product manager and looks after the creative idea generation.


Product Management vs. Project Management

Don't confuse product management and project management as same. A project manager is not responsible for a single part of a product's lifecycle in product development, while the product manager has to lead a product from the time its idea comes in front to the launch of it.


Three Major Challenges Modern Product Managers Face

These days, product managers have to become a jack of all trades. They are now facing some major challenges in their field of work.
Here are three of the challenges:
• They sometimes have to create the product road maps without feedback from customer or market research
• It is not an easy task to track the activities of competitors and keep an eye on the market changes all the time. But it has become very important.
• Product managers have to evaluate the resources time-to-time to ensure production completion time.


Ways to Develop Leadership Skills

  • Develop Integrity
  • Keep Positive Attitude
  • Excellence in communication and interpersonal skills
  • Share a clear vision and inspire others
  • Team builder

If the new product manager or associate manager wants to upgrade his/her skills, they must take in all this information and start to learn and implement each of the skill sets accordingly.

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