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Most Common Mistakes Done by Job Seekers During Job Search

A job search requires job seekers to be upfront on all their soft skills and have an outstanding resume. Your resume should highlight all your key skills. Do not deceive but at the same time do not shy away from stressing on your talents and putting them forward in a clever way.

Software Engineering Steve Tucker Full Stack Developer

Most job seekers are usually in a start-up phase or involved in projects or assisting people or mentoring them. All these things require the person to have certain soft skills as well as a good level of hard skills.

While doing a job search, for both formal and informal jobs, big or small, you need to know all your skills. It helps to be upfront about all your soft skills and articulate your academic and technical skills very clearly. Remember that the aim is not to deceive anybody but only to highlight your core competency and put it out there in front of the employers.

An outstanding resume is a key document to market yourself very well in the job sector. Job seekers generally do not market themselves well enough and discount their own technological, academic, and soft skills. If you have decent software development skills, do not hesitate to use the title of an ‘Expert Developer’ while preparing your resume. If you do not highlight your know-how and exceptional skills, you will not catch the eye of the interviewer/ employer.

You are a brand in yourself, so do not hesitate to draw the focus on all your qualifications, achievements, and expertise. You have a unique personality and skill set and use that to market yourself as such.

The most common mistakes made by job seekers during a job search is lack of great marketing. Most candidates have adequate hard skills but lack in communication skills and hence, are unable to stand out in the crowd. Bottom line is, know yourself as a brand and market yourself accordingly.

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