Meet Brad Miro, Machine Learning Engineer At Google | Know More About Life As An ML Engineer

"Machine Learning Engineer job is an alluring job profile that has its own
share of challenges and interesting aspects as well. Model hosting and unbiased
data are some of the challenges associated with the field. Possessing a PhD
Degree does help to get a job in the said field."

Brad Miro Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer job is definitely an interesting yet a bit challenging job. However, the job offers a candidate with ample of opportunities to learn new skills as well. This is the reason why young people want to enter the field when they move forward in their professional life. However, before entering the field, it is imperative to learn about different aspects connected with the said field, such as what are the things that make this field so interesting or what are the challenges connected with the job of a Machine Learning Engineer.

Challenges Associated With Machine Learning

Well, as per experts, when it concerns practical algorithms, there is no dearth of challenges associated with Machine Learning Engineer job. Moreover, most of these challenges surround the skills associated with the machines. For example, if we talk about data, there are many problems concerning the data privacy or data fairness while making sure that you have only good and unbiased data.

Unbiased Data

Now, the only catch hold of these machine learning models is that a model is as good as the data is treated on it.   Thus, when working on your machine models, you need to be assured that you do not have biased data and you are actually representing the exact thing that your model desires to accomplish. However, this can be a bit challenging as incorrect or bias data can lead to problems in a machine learning model.

For example, Twitter in the year 2015 release a bot which was supposed to initiate tweeting on the basis of conversations he had with different users. However, after some time, it was realized that the bot was using bias and racist comments. Eventually, Twitter had to take down the bot. Thus, you need to be careful of this aspect and decide whether you would want your models to be safe or simply misinterpreting. Moreover, this responsibility of making the machine models accurate falls entirely on Machine Learning Engineers.

Model hosting

Well, a technical challenge usually faced by a Machine Learning Engineer is model hosting. A normal misconception about Machine Learning Engineers is that they are usually building models throughout the day. However, this is not correct. Normally, a Machine Learning Engineer’s job role may range from hosting the model, data cleaning, to build the pipeline for the actual model. Thus, deep learning about the models is imperative for any Machine Learning Engineer. However, most of these models are usually working at near human or even superior levels. Thus, as a Machine Learning Engineer, you need to be really thorough with your understanding of the things related to Machine Learning models.

Interesting aspects related to Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a vast subject and there are many interesting aspects associated with the job. One such part is summarizing large text bodies into smaller ones. This involves using your skills for parsing the document and then providing a succinct summarization of the article. For example, if you get an article concerning someone who is running for the post of US President. Now, the article may contain lots and lots of knowledge and as someone who is doing Machine Learning Engineer job, you would be needed to build an algorithm that can summarize the article into something relevant.

The interesting part here is that you would need deep learning techniques and those who love challenges in their job, this would be the perfect job profile.

Courses to Get a Machine Learning Job

As per experts, there are a couple of ways to getting started with a Machine Learning Engineer job. Now, one major way of getting through is to get a Master’s degree after school. This way, you would surely be able to get a Machine Learning Engineer’s job. There are many firms that mention PhD as a requisite when they are selecting candidates for the said job. Though there are some firms now that are moving away from this criterion as many believe that higher education is not needed to add value to a job field.

Moreover, there are many online classes going for the purpose as well. These classes are getting successful in making many people aware of the basics of the said field. Moreover, the best way to start in this particular field is to build a model on your own and work on some independent projects. There are many research papers available online and free of cost that can assist you in the matter.

In addition, if you have any problems, you can always get guidance from people who posseses advanced degrees and have been working for many years as a Machine Learning Engineer.