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Is Project Management Part of Product Management?

The well-defined roles of product and project managers are packed with multiple responsibilities within any organization. Given the differences between product management and project management, the two roles shares some of the important skill sets such as aligning the tasks of all teams, effective and efficient communication as well as application of processes in order to remain competitive in the market.

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Product Management vs. Project Management – What is the Difference Between Them?

Project management is termed as a process, which is implemented to meet goals within a set timeframe of the firm. It could be a large scale or small-scale project. A project manager heads the project management and his/her team of members.

Product management, on the other hand, is the ability to meet the company’s objectives of the products based on production, delivery, and marketing with the help of excellent customer service.


What is the Difference Between Project and Product?

Probably the best way to get a better understanding of both these concepts would be to understand the difference between a product and a project. A project is a commitment, which is taken up by a project manager, under whom several team members are assigned with the task of creating or designing a particular product or even a service.

However, they have to complete it within a particular timeframe. A product, on the other hand, is something, which has already been decided by the firm or business. The product manager is assigned the task to oversee the production, marketing, and delivery of the product.


What is the Difference Between Product Managers and Project Managers?

Let us dive in deeper to understand the roles of a product manager and project manager. It is understandable for the nonprofessional, to get confused between the two. However, the roles are entirely different.

A product manager is in charge of the product line. He/she and the team knows the output of the product. They produce, develop, and market the product based on inputs received from the clients.

However, a project manager and his/her team have no idea on the end-result of the product. They are assigned a task, with a minimum or very less input from the clients and have to come up with the solution.

It could be a service or a product. The tools used by both the product manager and project manager are different too. Depending on the roles and needs, they must use the software or tools.

A product management tool or software must help the team develop, organize, and be able to market the product. On the other hand, project management software must be able to manage and track the project, deadlines, tasks, ensuring that it is completed on time.



Hope you were able to understand the difference between product management vs. project management. A product manager’s role is strategizing the development, production, and the marketing of a product which customer’s love to use.

However, a project manager’s role is to ensure that the result is achieved with the help of his/her teammates, within a particular timeframe. The end product might be accepted by the clients or not.

These two are entirely different concepts, which are headed by two capable individuals who require different skill set and talents, to ensure the smooth transition of products and projects in an organization.

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