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Creating An Effective Resume

An effective resume is one which impresses the recruiter and also makes it stand apart from the crowd. You need to pay attention to details, showing your progression, and your past experiences on the said role.

Interview Preparation Elena Stefanapol Senior Recruiter

What makes an effective resume? What is the criterion that makes a difference between a good resume and a not so good resume? Well, usually recruiters keep their job description by the side of the resumes they have and then work on them. This keeps them away from the confusions like "this resume does not look good enough" or "this resume does not hold much potential".Most of the recruiters adopt this tip to differentiate between resumes nowadays.

Thus, when you are trying to turn your resume into an effective resume, you give importance to paying attention to detail. This is imperative because if you are applying for a role that requires you to pay attention to detail and your resume only contains mistakes, then it may not go very well the recruiters.

Also, when the recruiters are working on your resumes, they also try to understand how well your resume aligns with their said job descriptions. In doing so, they pay special attention to the role that you played in the previous organizations. Thus, your title of the role may not be so important but the impact that you created in that particular job role plays a major role. Thus, you also need to make sure that you mention how you performed in the said role in your organization.

In addition, recruiters would also like to see if you have made any kind of progression in the said role. Moreover, if you have helped your organization in getting a major client or a project, then also it will help you in making an impression on the recruiters through your resume. Thus, you need to mention these achievements in details in your resume. Otherwise, it may seem as just blank statements without any purpose or reasons.

Moreover, if your resume can also show some relevant numbers such as the number of contracts you have landed for the organization, it will surely make an impression on the recruiter and would turn your resume into an effective resume.

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