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5 Frequently Asked Customer Success Internship Interview Questions | How To Prepare For Customer Success Manager Career

To bag a role in Customer Success Manager position, candidates have to go through different phases of interview processes. Mostly behavioral interviews are part of the interview format for Customer Success career. Aspiring Customer Success Managers are showered with questions related to teamwork, leadership, then why you are choosing the role, etc. The foundation of all to succeed as CSM is to have excellent communication skill to lead a group of teams actively.

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What Is The Interview Format Of Customer Success Internship

The format is dependent on the companies. Not all companies have the same format. Sometimes you may have to go through two interviews; both of which might be behavioral interviews. The reason can be the company doesn’t expect you to know the technical details of the products that in Customer Success Manager career, you have to work with.


  1. First Interview: So it can be just a typical behavioral interview where the recruiters will ask you about yourself, your strengths. You may get asked quite a few times about examples of teamwork, leadership and also what made you chose Customer Success career. You definitely have to project firmly why you want to join as Customer Success Manager. Be passionate about the work.
  2. Second Interview:
  3. The second interview is very similar. But it is more specific to the Customer Success Manager role that you have to answer to secure your place through the interview process.  Some of the questions can be behavior, but they might be more orientated toward a Customer Success Manager career. The question will be more about you and “Who you are.”.


    5 Most Important Questions Asked For Customer Success Internship

    To land a lucrative job as Customer Success Manager, you have to pass through the internship questions that will judge your work-related capabilities before you are actually presented with the package.
      1. Team Work
        • How did you work in a team?
        • When your team had problems, how you have gotten over those problems?
      2. Leadership
        • You as a leader
        • How do you work with the team as a leader?
        • Did you experience any problems?
        • If you have managed to overcome the hurdles, how did you overcome them?
      3. The Why Question
        • Why Customer Success career?
        • Why do you want to be Custom Success Manager out of everything?The best thing about the role is you get to notice the technical side while at the same time you get to work with customers. You as Customer Success Manager really have to delve yourself into understanding the issues and build on them.
      4. Strengths And Weaknesses
        • What your strengths and what your weaknesses are a crucial question that will be asked during your internship interview.So it is vital to know both of these. Knowing your weaknesses and overcoming them can be the biggest factor for your career.
      5. Why Studying What You Are Studying?
      6. This question is optional and can be specific to an individual and what he/she is studying at the moment while interviewing for a Customer Success Manager career.  Why you are studying a certain subject can be among the critical questions of the interview.
        • Why major?
        • Why are you interested in the subject?
        • How do you think you could play your major in Customer Success career

    Having answers to those questions is always very important.


    3 Tips For Students To Prepare Themselves For Customer Success Career

    There are many tips for students for creating customer success. Here are three among them which are of most important when one is aspiring to become Customer Success Manager.

    • Teamwork is Most Important: As a Customer Success Manager it is your job to make sure that everyone is working well together internally so that you're supporting your customer in the best possible way. You need to have great relationships with the sales marketing team and also the engineering team. By having these relationships, you can bring everyone together to provide the best experience for your customer. If you can do that, then you are going to be great.
    • Excellent Leadership Skill: Being able to reach out to all these people and be a leader in organizing them all to work together, are the most critical tasks. Telling them, why they need to work together and what the customer wants and what the best way is for them to fulfill that is the responsibility of a Customer Success Manager.
    • Communication and Organization: These are two pillars that you should be preparing to ace in the Customer Success Manager career. As you're going to be reaching out and work not just with the customers but your internal ecosystem. You must be able to communicate excellently so that everyone knows what they're doing. For example, The engineering team needs to work with a sales team to provide the best product for your customer. By having that organized communication, you'll be much more successful in being a good Customer Success Manager.

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