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Step 1 : You Apply

Create a sample training video (5-10 mins) to show your technical knowledge and teaching skills. Check guidelines before you create a sample training content. Then, share your sample content by filling out the form below.

Step 2 : Your Sample Content is Reviewed

If your sample content meets our criteria, we will contact you to discuss the hourly rate and the next steps. Here is an example of a sample training video.

Step 3 : Get Paid

Once approved, create content at your pace and get paid $50 - $120 for every hour of content.


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Frequently Asked Question

We pay between 50 to 120 USD for every hour of the final content. This compensation includes preparation time as well. The compensation may vary based on the experience, profile, and content quality.
Once you have delivered the assigned content, our team takes 24 hours to review the content and approve your payment. Usually, we make payments on a biweekly basis.
We are based out of the United States, so we pay in USD.
We pay via direct deposit, PayPal, and Venmo, depending on the instructor’s choice.
Yes. We have instructors from more than ten countries with us.
No, you do not need to edit the videos. We have our in-house editing team. You can record videos and send them to us. Our editing team will go through the video and make necessary edits to make it look clean and professional. We understand that editing can be painful; we want our instructors to focus primarily on content creation.
Ideally, the timeline for delivery is 4-6 weeks for completing the whole course, which can be extended or reduced depending on the amount of content you are working on. We generally have more than one instructor on one subject so that work gets shared and no one feels the burden of work.
We are building a community of highly skilled professionals who can create high-quality learning material for students and aspiring engineers. So, we want to carefully pick only those who are technically proficient and have a passion for teaching. Your sample training video (5-10 minutes) will give us an idea about your technical knowledge and teaching skills.
You can fill out the form given on this page, where you can paste your sample training video link. Then, we will review your sample training video and get back to you with our decision and feedback.
No, we do not pay for a sample training video.
You can find a sample training video here.
You can use any tool of your choice. However, we recommend Zoom as it is free and easy to use. If you are unsure how to use Zoom to record videos, please check a quick tutorial here.
Yes. You can check our five tips to create training videos here.
We pay our instructors on a biweekly basis.
As we aim to provide quality content to our candidates, we are open to suggestions and feedback that would help us make our content better.
It would be great if you could deliver the entire content on a particular topic, say JAVA. But if you are comfortable with only a limited number of topics, you can create content on those topics only. Also, keeping in mind your work schedule, we can assign certain topics/work per your availability.
Yes, we provide continuous feedback and suggestions on the videos you share with us regularly.
Yes, in case of any emergency, we provide one week for the Instructors to get back to work. However, depending on the criticality, the break period can increase or decrease. Therefore, we would request you to keep us informed on a prior basis if the situation permits.
We plan to use this only primarily for our premium customers only. But some of the content will be published on our website, and other social media handles for marketing and promotions.
We would like you to maintain a practical approach while creating the videos, and you can include small case studies or projects while explaining the content as per your judgment of what would be the best way to deliver a particular topic.